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Ted Cruz's First Ad posted this video and it completely slipped past me.

Man, there's a lot going on in this thing.  It really is mind blowing. First, he is unabashedly after the Christian vote and is willing to alienate all others.  (For a guy who loves Israel, he doesn't care about the Jewish vote -- which, of course, is small. That explains it.)

I'm not familiar with his father's story which required "the transformative love of Jesus Christ" in order for him to stay with Cruz's mother.

His wife wears a sweater with the sleeves tied around her neck for dinner? And I love the little kid on the far right who looks at Cruz during the fake prayer as if she is thinking, "Daddy, you be crazy." (And, come to think about it, aren't you a little crazy if you'll do a fake prayer for a commercial? How offensive is that? Did I miss the Bible verse which had the political ad exception to praying in your closet alone?)

But he hit all the hot buttons. Family. Prayer. The flag. Soldiers. 9/11. (But he'll go through the roof when he realizes he missed putting in the eagle.)

And what was up with that line of, "This is our fight" at the end?

This presidential run is going to be crazily entertaining. I said it a couple of weeks ago. He's like Timothy Treadwell in Grizzly Man: He has no idea what is about to happen to him.


Anonymous said...

This concerns me for several reasons:
1) His dad needed Christian Jesus to convince him to be a father?
2) Why doesn't he mention that his father fought for communist Castro?
3) Why isn't Ted wearing an American Flag pin?
4) Why doesn't he mention that he was born in a foreign country?
5) Why doesn't he mention that he didn't give up his foreign citizenship until 11 months ago?

I'm not saying he is a foreign-born communist, but he isn't denying it.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with a foreign-born communist? We've had one of those for the past six years.

Anonymous said...

Why can't either side put a real candidate up? Cruz is a joke and so are all of the repubs AND demos. The 2 party system is a sham. And most people still will vote with one or the other, not in as much as a "for" vote with their election but as an "against" for the party they hate more.

Anonymous said...

9:59 I don't know about a lot of this, and do not wish to become involved in a discussion. Cruz' father spoke in Decatur recently at the Wise Republican Women fundraiser dinner, and I was present. He went through the whole history of as a teenager/young adult fighting for the hope and change that Castro promised, how he became disillusioned by Castro's and Communism's shill, and how he came to his current place. It is easy to see where Ted C. gets his point of view in this regard, his father lived in Cuba through much of the transition to Communism, and is very willing to talk about it. They may not give all of this story at every speaking engagement/ad/ whatever, but your #2 bullet point is well covered in the total presentation.

Anonymous said...

I "do not wish to become involved in a discussion."

Translated, "I'd like to tell you your wrong, but I do not want you to respond."

Funny stuff, 10:47.

Denney Crane said...

Personally, I think it was a brilliant move: win, lose or draw. The timing was perfect, Easter weekend. He found a way to separate himself from his competition and this subject is hotter than letting Iran have Nukes!

Although I'm not a Cruz fan and may not agree with him airing prayer as a commercial to sell his political ambitions, I do agree with what he says in it. Political ads have a 3 day shelf life, so this will be forgotten soon enough, except by the haters who live to attack religion. And based on what we have seen recently, he will be on the top of their list.

Religion haters and attackers will help Cruz, since the majority of Americans have always sympathized, supported and even gone to war for groups under attack: including Jewish, black and gay people. The more hate attacks, the better for Cruz. Threats will create great publicity.

He is not kissing politically correct butts, and many people like that, no matter how much of an idiot he may look. Minds were made up before long before this commercial.

Actually, Cruz has not alienated the Jewish vote since Christians have always supported Israel. Israel would prefer a Christian over a liberal, Muslim, agnostic or atheist any day.

If we ever want to see a united America again, we must elect a leader who demonstrates tolerance, kindness and patience; unlike one who promotes disobedience, civil unrest and rebellion.

If we (you and I) can’t set this example, we have no right to condemn those who incite aggressive behavior. If we (you and I) can't stand together for common goals and help each other, then divided we will fall. We sure won't possess the ability to lead the world into peace when we incite and promote violence in our own back yard.

Everyone wants world peace, but most can’t even control the hate and aggression coming from their own heart, which results in the rebellion, disobedience and violence we now experience. We have become "reactors" to intense emotions instead of reasoning things out. We rush to say "I think..." before we actually use our thought process.

The hope and change I have experienced and witnessed through the current administration is the greatest abomination to freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in my lifetime. Sadly, the professed Christian before him allowed this by removing many of our freedoms through the Patriot Act, so he and his congressional supporters are responsible as well!

Anonymous said...

Cruz is a joke, but so was Obama...I think that is why Cruz believes he can win. He just picked the wrong demographic.

Anonymous said...

Funny how a conservative can put out a good and positive ad and the libs find fault with it. Then you have someone like Queen Hillary giving the finger to congress and the American people and not say one thing about that. You liberals are such hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

BG, you also miss the dig at single mothers. The liberal media will not give him a pass on that.

Anonymous said...

It will not be an entertaining election unless the democrats can find a candidate. Is there something we do not know? Hillary is a joke on many who else is there?

Anonymous said...

Just saw the Cruz video. Could I have a do-over on that whole die for your sins thing? I'm starting to have second thoughts.

DF Jesus of Nazareth
What do you people not get about love your brother? Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Funny how everyone always describes pols, R or D, as "surely not a brain surgeon."


Ben Carson

Anonymous said...

10:47 here. No on your translation. Let me reword my first sentence: I don't yet know enough about Ted Cruz as a POTUS candidate to feel comfortable discussing the subject.
But I will.
And it is immaterial to me whether 9:59 responds or not.
And I didn't write that that entire post was a weak attempt at discrediting Cruz, but consider it done now.

And to BG: Man, there's a lot going on in your post. It really is mind blowing. I didn't see or hear anything in that video that should be alienating to any people of other faiths. I see how it could alienate those who hold disdain for persons of faith, say for example, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Google that name if you have a question about my example.
I get it, you don't like Cruz as a candidate, but yours was also a weak attack. I'm sure you will put together better ones as the campaign goes on.

Anonymous said...

you gotta love the liberal brain, where the most evil thing you can do is be a Christian.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote on Forrest Gump before I would vote for another Clinton or Bush!!!!
Bring God back to America, Cruz. Lord knows we need morals passed around cause they seem to have banished...