In Cold Blood

Eight shots. At a man running away. To protect and to serve.

The cop has been arrested for murder.

And you know what we normally have? The cop saying "I feared for my life" (he did), the police higher ups saying we will have a "full and fair investigation and then refer the case to the DA's office for review" (they did), and then the DA saying, "The case was presented to the grand jury who found the shooting to be justified."

But what's different here? A bystander videotaped it. (Heck, the officer glances at the bystander after the murder, and I'm surprised he didn't murder him as well.)

The officer said the guy grabbed his Taser. If you look closely, it looks like he plants the Taser by the body as the man lay dying on the ground.

Do we have an odd breed of young cops out there?

And you know what came to mind? Why hasn't the video of the shooting by the Grapevine officer of the motorist been released?  So far, the Tarrant County DA has told the police not to do so.

Edit: I missed this. We are talking New York Times not the New York Post.