Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I mentioned Barry University the other day but I had no idea conservative radio was after the school right now because of its reaction to a stunt promoted by that goofy James O’Keefe.
  • WBAP's Hal Jay this morning to begin a segment: "Eric Snowden gave an interview to some guy named John Oliver for some show call Last Week Tonight which has to be some overseas show." 
  • I worried about the weather for Texas Motor Speedway yesterday but should've known that it would be bad because the Main Street Arts Festival is going on. But now it looks like this weekend might get very little rain after all.
  • Hey Shockwave add-on for my Chrome browser, why don't you just crash immediately and get it over with?
  • Over a year ago, the Star-Telegram notified its home subscribers during an ice storm that they could access the paper for free on its iPad app. Although not a subscriber, I went to it and got to see the paper for free because it was free to everyone. Great app by the way (Messenger, I'm looking at you.) Anyway, they never got around to blocking my access until last week.  
  • It dawned on me that after two years of my rants of "the cops sure do kill a lot of people" that the South Caroline Killing Cop finally exposed what I thought has happened for years. And even the most right wing person won't try to defend him. 
  • I went to the Rangers opening day once and it was glorious. If I remember correctly, it was A-Rod's first game as a Ranger. Didn't he commit an error on a missed throw to first base?
  • There's nothing funnier or weirder than when all three Females In The House do an impromptu chicken dance from Arrested Development. (One was prompted last night when I simply asked, "You guys cooking chicken?")
  • Most people think Tiger Woods chip in on the 16th at the 2005 Masters was his greatest moment ever.  This moment on the 15th yesterday might be better
  • Some UNT students are protesting Gov. Greg Abbott being invited as the commencement speaker. He was scheduled to talk about it on the Mark Davis Show this morning but cancelled at the last moment and sent a "statement" I haven't seen yet. He's scared to go on a show which supports him? Edit: I got this completely wrong.
  • Speaking of the Mark Davis Show, I was listening to it a little bit yesterday when an older gentleman called in to talk about the South Carolina Cop Killer. He (confusingly) attributed it to the younger generation because "even good Christian church going kids today are showing sympathy to gays and minorities."  Davis did a very timid "woah" and then took over the call to try to weave it into something sensible. 
  • UT coach Charlie Strong couldn't remember his quarterback's first name in a deposition. "I -- done went blank on me."
  • Does Fox News hate Rand Paul? They have been critical over the last two days about how he gets angry during "main stream media" interviews which is the exact opposite position you think they would take. 
  • BagOfNothing pointed out a long Grantland piece on Dale Hansen. I glanced at it and saw this: “He’s the last of a breed,” said [Ed] Bark, the former Morning News TV critic. “Once he goes, there won’t be anybody that will have the freedom to do what he does.”  I don't know what I think about that quote. As we spiral towards Idiocracy, I think we'll see crazy stuff on local news/sports broadcasts. But, perhaps, it will all be dictated and scripted by producers instead of individual anchors.