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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • A guy fell through a skylight at that Williamson-Dickie building off of Highway 287, sued, and was awarded $33.8 million -- and that was twice what his lawyer had asked for. I have no idea how the tort reform laws will shrink the verdict, but I bet it is substantially. 
  • I heard a lot of talk about the documentary McConkey on The Ticket so I watched it this weekend. Verdict: Fantastic. I was left with the thought of, "Buddy, if you want to push life to the limits so long as you understand you are probably going to die early, I've got no problem with it." 
  • When ebola victim Nina Pham sued her employer/hospital, I wrote that I was curious as to why she's was not limited to only a worker's comp claim. That defense was raised in the hospital's Original Answer. 
  • I watched a little bit of Killing Jesus on Fox News and had a sense of satisfaction realizing how that network and Bill O'Reilly were profiting off of religion. 
  • I went out to Easter lunch yesterday at a restaurant, went to the bathroom, and came back to find that the meal had been served. Mrs. LL channeled Pulp Fiction and said: "Don't you just love it when you come back from the bathroom and find your food waiting for you?" I missed the greatest opportunity in not replying with: "We're lucky we got anything at all. I don't think Buddy Holly's much of a waiter." (Which is a line I've used for years.) 
  • I learned from the Junior In The House that the word "gnarly" is back in vogue. 
  • Isn't there tremendous Free Speech issues with Revenge Porn laws? You voluntarily provide a risque picture of yourself to a spouse/boyfriend, you break up, and then the guy posts it on the Internet And the government can make that a crime? Let's back it up 40 years. She takes a polaroid of herself and gives it to her boyfriend and then her boyfriend shows it to his buddy. That can be a crime? Could the government make it a crime for a person simply to describe what the photo looked like? (And I can't wait for the first brain dead comment of "So you support Revenge Porn?")
  • I cleaned out a big kitchen drawer this weekend and came across a package for a refrigerator light with "Don't throw this away!" written on it on with a Sharpie.  Everyone in the house knows that when I go on a cleaning binge I will throw away everything
  • Fast and Furious 7 made $143 million over the weekend. "Shut it down. Let's go home."
  • I watched a lot of the classic The Ten Commandments movie last night which I haven't seen in years. Man, there's a lot of wheels off aspects about that film. Ovcr the top acting. Crazy special effects. A lot of sexual innuendos which I never caught before. And the opening credits go on forever and include a statement along the lines of, "For all who see this, they will be compelled to walk the path that Moses walked." (That's a horrible paraphrase but I can't find the exact quote.)
  • Want to know how old I am? I first saw that movie at the drive in theater in Decatur. 
  • Four of the first five stories in the Update today are about high school spring sports. The other one is about the weather. 
  • Thoughts on the DMN front page below: (1) Another church doing bits, (2) The Star-Telegram had that story on the Irish Travellers connection to that Colleyville murder a couple of weeks ago. 


Anonymous said...

"I watched a little bit of Killing Jesus on Fox News and had a sense of satisfaction realizing how that network and Bill O'Reilly were profiting off of religion."

Umm.....Killing Jesus aired on National Geographic Channel, NOT FOX.

Anonymous said...

I watched a little bit of Killing Jesus on Fox News and had a sense of satisfaction realizing how that network and Bill O'Reilly were profiting off of religion.

Tried to sit through the killing Jesus thing. I am disappoint as a Catholic at how off scripture O'Reilly is. Really, Jesus had to be told his mission by John the Baptist? Last I checked, Jesus knew his mission, even at the age of 12.

Bill O'Reilly made his own interpretation and got it wrong.
And he calls himself a Catholic. I think I will stick with the Passion.

Anonymous said...

The guy that was convicted last week in the revenge porn case was charging the women $350 to have their pictures removed from his site. What a Scumbag.

wordkyle said...

An odd disconnect today, counselor. You chide Fox and O'Reilly for "profiting" off of religion, but then ignore that same aspect when discussing The Ten Commandments. Is your beef with the transgression itself, or with who commits it?

Anonymous said...

"Everyone in the house knows that when I go on a cleaning binge I will throw away everything."
-I thought liberals were into reduce, reuse, recycle? Not you Barry?

We need you to enroll in the remedial eco-terrorist class for Texas rural Democrats.

DF AL Gore

Baylor Too said...

RE: "Gnarly"

Gag me with a spoon!

Anonymous said...

After a little bit of research, it appears FOX News did air Killing Jesus last night. I stand corrected.

But so what?

You have an issue with FOX News profiting off religion......even though it was a Sunday night when the advertising competition from other networks is more fierce, not to mention a holiday evening, and another network had already aired the thing anyway?

Do you have a problem with Al Gore profiting off climate change hysteria?

Anonymous said...

Is your cleaning binge service for hire?

DF Hoarder

Anonymous said...

Vote NO for the Chico School bond!!!

Anonymous said...

Buddy Holley? I guess Jayne Mansfield had the night off or something.

Triple Fake... said...

You have turned into a real saddle tramp, digging your spurs into that high horse named Free Speech. First you defended the kid who wrote about killing and sexually assaulting classmates, and now it's posting pix online. I will agree that giving a pic like that to a partner is idiotic (especially after the precedent is set), and posting it is sorryness, but the understanding is that it's for personal use. Not for publication where anybody with interwebs can see it - and that's basically everybody.
Next, you'll be screaming that security camera footage violates some right-to-privacy law! But according to you, the posting of that footage would speech!

guy falling thru sky light:
I know he got messed up real bad and all, but shouldn't he bear just a small bit of responsibility for falling onto the sky light? I've seen those things up close, and even if they're rated to withstand a weight greater than mine, I would take care to maintain my balance near them, equal to the respect I give to the edge of the building.
If he tripped and only busted his knee, whose fault is that? If he tripped and fell off the building instead of into it, how would he justify suing for that?
He should be compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, and a certain amount for suffering, but $33mil? With even half that, he would never have to work again but he did go back to work. So, it's not like he's permanently deprived of gainful employment.

I didn't catch The Ten Commandments last night, but I did hear rumors that some of the footage shot of baby Moses was actually a fake baby. And why weren't more mainstream Jews joining with Dathan to condemn the actions of the radical Moses and his terroristic plagues? Did you also get the subtle subtext that it's really about ideology and not religion? Yeah, right!

Anonymous said...

I too, watched Killing Jesus and was very disappointed in it's depiction of Jesus not having direction or understanding that he had been sent by the Father, that his doctrine was not his but his Father's and hardly any miracles represented. And it depicted the apostles as just disciples, they were more than that. Very disappointing.

Skeeter said...

Little known fact: watching The Ten Commandments at the drive-in is one of the better forms of birth control.

Anonymous said...

Skippy, After you took two bites out of your steak at Sunday lunch, did you fire up a Chesterfield?

Anonymous said...

So you support revenge porn?

Sam Brows said...

Yes, we have a winner @ 11:20!

if you don't want people to know where you are 24-7, don't have a smart-phone. If you don't want people to know what sort of stuff you look at on-line when nobody is looking, don't have a computer. In today's world people voluntarily surrender freedoms that our forefathers bleed to keep sacred. The only difference is, they give them up to companies who in turn use the information gleaned from the surrender as chits to sell and transfer between each other for the express purpose of increasing their market share. So no, there isn't a free speech issue involved in the government saying you can't post revealing pics of your ex for the purpose of shaming them. Further, for years there has been a tort referred to as intentional infliction of emotional distress, which law school professors taught for decades was "no longer in vogue" and which now seems very relevant in light of this particular trend.

Denney Crane said...

I am going to force Mrs. Crane to read this post.

I feel somewhat exonerated that I am not the only one who likes to get rid of things we don't use. Her reply, "We may need that" or "You're gonna wish you had kept that".

There was a time I owned stuff, but somewhere down the line it changed and my stuff owned me...

Anonymous said...


I too, watched Killing Jesus and was very disappointed in it's depiction of Jesus being as real person and not just a fictitious character in a book.

John Russell said...

The 10 Commandments - the "actor" portraying infant Moses is actually Charlton Heston's son Fraser Clarke Heston at four months old. This is his only acting credit

Anonymous said...

the catlicks in montague will never allow niggers, queers or trannys!

Anonymous said...

RE: Throwing things away

In my house, it's the boss lady that throws things away, including(over time) my fraternity shirts, tax papers, leftovers I was planning on eating, coupons and clothes I haven't worn in the last year.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Gay Republican Outed As A Drag Queen Named ‘Miss Mona Sinclair’

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

2:38 PM

The article and info is 11 months old. Can you find something current to read?

Anonymous said...

2:28 - I think we might be married to the same woman!

Anonymous said...

If you have been influenced to "vote yes" or "vote no" on some ISD's bond election as a result of reading a comment on this blog, please share.