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After Being Horrified, I Have So Many Questions

(I think there's an F bomb in there)

This showed up on youtube yesterday with the only description being "Caught on surveillance 4/9/15. Please share this video so we can put an end to child abuse."

It is going viral as it should, but something is weird.  It looks, sadly, to be real. But whomever posted it didn't care to mention where it happened and whether there was any effort to determine the guy's identity. Public shaming can help "stop" bad things.  And if the guy has been arrested, that resulting consequence can do the same thing.  

Something's not right.


Anonymous said...


A little research goes a long way, Barry!

Anonymous said...

Some people should never be parents.

DF Lizzie Borden

Anonymous said...

You asked the question the other day of whether or not we should be showing the beheadings from Muslims.

Anonymous said...

The kid shouldn't have ran, just ask the dead guy in SC what happens when you run from the law.

The dad maybe saved his life later in the life.

mzchief said...

The rest of the story, regarding the vidoe.

Denney Crane said...

This young man will have plenty of time to contemplate his action inside a cell.

Reacting to anger has consequences. Many are grave consequences. Prisons are filled with them.

Anonymous said...

Today, police officers will help untold thousands of people in trouble, respond to untold thousands of situations in which someone is being victimized, donate untold thousands of dollars or time to help others...etc. etc. etc. Wish cop haters would simply not call one when THEY need one. How come, of the hundreds of law officers I have personally encountered, not a single one beat the crap out of me or shot me?

Anonymous said...

6:11 Agreed

In my life the hand full of times I have needed a lawyer; what a fiasco.

Horrible communication; not standing behind their word; Missing deadlines; stupid errors when proofreading documents; no follow thru and to top it all off; they sure know to bill you.

Simply ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Cops need a need some prayers!! I know there are bad one every now and then but for the most part... We need them. I would not have their job for all the money in the world!

Anonymous said...

I saw a couple of kids in the café this morning that needed their attention got. Learning begins at home. Lack of parents control of their children is why I call the Wise county police report the funny papers. Half of the calls are family related . Kids wont mind? Call a cop ! Bullshit !