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A Post About Something That I Haven't Even Read

There was a tweet today from Corby Davidson of The Ticket which said something along the lines of "this is the article we are discussing right now." I hadn't been listening. I clicked on the link. Oh, my.

Jim Dent is/was a sports writer. He's worked for metroplex papers and anyone around my age who has ever picked up a sports page around here knows his name.  He's written books. Lots of them. I've got a copy of The Junction Boys in one of the drawers of my nightstand.

The last I remember (and I'm writing this without fact checking), he had been sentenced a few years ago to prison for DWI. I was really stunned. You don't go to prison for DWI unless you have at least two prior convictions.  But there was something even crazier about it as I recall. Either he was placed on probation and arrested for drunk driving within a week or released from prison and was arrested within a week.   Once that part of his life was behind him, he appeared on local radio stations to talk about it. I recall feeling that he received a cold reception.

I hadn't thought about him much since then.

Then I glanced at the headline of the article that was the result of my clicking on a link. He now sits in the Collin County jail for another DWI and faces prison yet again.  Good lord.

There will come a day whether by drug or some Star Trek like brain altering scan that addiction will be cured. I truly believe that. But I suppose that most who have read this far are thinking, "That man simply has no self control and needs to be locked up." If only it was that simple.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you're the one that won't be dead tomorrow because he did it again.

Anonymous said...

I used to think addiction was a weakness. I have always been the first to say hang them and ask questions. But the brain and chemical imbalances can really screw a person up..My step son has a heart the size of Texas but the brain size of a teacup, but it is the chemical imbalances that cause a addictive personality. People can make comments that are cold and harsh, I used to be one of those people too. However, they have never dealt with a loved one with this issue.

Anonymous said...

A man drinks because he thinks that he is a failure and he becomes a failure because he drinks.

wordkyle said...

10:04 - Well said.

Denney Crane said...

They developed a surgery that cures addiction. It's called a lobotomy.

Fortunate or not, most are unwilling to give up what little quality of life they do have.

When they come up with a medication that eliminates free will, we will substitute alcoholics with zombies...

You will find alcoholics to be people with the greatest potential to make a positive difference in the world. The addiction is what prevents them from fulfilling their purpose.

Never underestimate the ability or heart of those who suffer from alcoholism. It's like PTSD, there's no physical sign of suffering...

Anonymous said...

10:04 you are so right! It is not a matter of will power.

Anonymous said... are so wrong!
Thank you to those of you who seem to understand alcoholism and addiction. There are places for help, but the addiction remains...forever. If you or a friend or family member need help, here's a good place to start!
AA meets three times a day in Decatur (noon, 6:30 & 8 pm).
Al-Anon (support for friends and families of alcoholics) meets twice weekly. (Monday and Saturday: 6:30 pm).
Google: AA Decatur, TX for location, etc.

Anonymous said...

I am a highly functioning alcoholic that will never ever recieve a dwi because of the majic of UBER.
Oddly enough, I used to drink heavily with Dent at the party tent at the Byron Nelson golf tourney back in the 80's. He has been a train wreck his whole life.

Anonymous said...

Drunk drivers who kill people should be shot in the head on the side of the road. That may discourage first offenders and there will be no repeat offenders.

Anonymous said...

If you drink and drive, I don't love you.

Anonymous said...

One cannot be totally void of responsibility for lack of self-control. However, sometimes there's a spark missing which apparently leaves people helpless to an addiction, I just think is hard for some people to differentiate between the two.
I believe that there are people who simply need more self discipline, but there is also a segment of our population that just can't help themselves.

Anonymous said...

Barry do you support AA?

Anonymous said...

I bet Dent and Cowlishaw have tied a few on together but probably neither one of them remember it

Anonymous said...

9th and 10th conviction...that has to be better than sex right Barry?

I guess he hasn't killed any one but the amount of damage he has caused must be amazing!

Hopefully he hasn't injured anyone.

Anonymous said...

Medical community aligns alcoholism with the effects of an allergy.

The allergy being triggered by the first drink. After that first drink, stopping is not possible for a real alcoholic.

This does not relieve the alcoholic of personal responsibility. Everyone should be held responsible for their own actions, no matter what their mental capacity, race, creed, sex, lifestyle, religion or level of insanity.

When everyone is held accountable, justice is served. There is seldom a valid reason for illegal actions, contrary to what your lawyer might tell you.

It is said that most alcoholics seek recovery once everyone in their life stops enabling them to continue in their disease, aka, tough love.

Maybe we should stop enabling criminal behavior as well...

Anonymous said...

AA is for idiots. Read the works of Stanton Peele for the truth. And there are many addictions other than alcohol; look at the rates of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism made a starling declaration at its Web site in 2010: “Alcoholism isn’t what it used to be.” The agency based this on the repeated finding – which Stanton has pointed out for decades – that most people overcome alcoholism without treatment and do so without ceasing drinking. For the most part, alcoholism (like drug addiction) is connected with specific periods of people’s lives, and the large majority move beyond this point as they mature and experience other developments in their lives.--Stanton Peele

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance initially causing psychiatric disorders, behavioral problems, or addictions. The brain only acquires a chemical imbalance after consuming too much alcohol, sugar, all types of legal and illegal drugs, and after a SINGLE dose of an SSRI.

Watch these short videos to learn the truth.


A video series by Peter R. Breggin, MD

Anonymous said...

3:55 PM, sorry to burst your bubble, but:

AA is for recovering alcoholics. Addiction is a compulsive disorder. The 12 step program instituted by AA has helped millions recover, including those addicted to over-eating, sex, drugs, gambling and a few other OCDs.

They're like McDonalds. 50+ million served.

Make any argument you want, cite all the studies you find, but no expert in this field will discount the numbers. If they do, they're trying to sell you their book or program or trying to make a name for themself.

God is healing people through a 12 step program. Not only healing them, but allowing them to recover and restoring their lives. Sadly, few are willing to go to any lengths to recover.

If psychiatry had the answers, mental illness would not exist in epidemic proportions.

Revelation, not information, empowers behavioral change. All the books and studies in the world cannot take the place of a spiritual experience and the power of an almighty God.

One thing is certain, most of those who suffer have tried everything to recover before they go to AA.

Contempt, prior to investigation, is a fool's path. Most AA's investigated all alternatives before surrendering to the program.

Truth, whether from Peele or the Pope, is a matter of perception. Just because we once believed the earth was flat did not make it the truth.

Anonymous said...

6:32 - Have you read any of Stanton Peel's works (see resume below) and there are still flat Earth believers today. Also, it was known long before the Greeks, that the Earth was spherical.

Anonymous said...

The doctrine that alcoholics are "powerless over alcohol" came from the Oxford Group, Dr. Frank Nathan Daniel Buchman's cult religion. Dr. Buchman declared that people were "defeated by sin", and powerless over it, and unable to refrain from sinning, and only by surrendering to his cult religion could people escape from a life of sin. William Griffith Wilson, Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith, and Clarence Snyder were all members of this cult. They adapted Buchman's cult religion to a "program for alcoholism", and simply copied the entire cult religion and renamed it to "Alcoholics Anonymous". Bill Wilson just changed the word "sin" to "alcohol", and declared that alcoholics were "powerless over alcohol", and only by surrender to his cult religion could alcoholics escape from a lifetime of excessive drinking.

Anonymous said...

I am an alcoholic ! Was drunk every day for at least two years before I quit. Never missed a days work and was never arrested. NEVER went to an A A meeting ,saw no need of it . I quit because I wanted to ! Never talked to God about it; He helps those that help themselves as far as I am concerned . If one consumed as much as I did I can grantee a chemical balance. Went from three packs a day to nothing by throwing the last one down . No smoking thirty five years and sober twenty two . DO NOT consider myself a strong person. You want to really quit a bad habit you will. Want some to pity you? Won't happen. Thank you , I've vented.

Anonymous said...

Psychiatry is a racket and so is most "medicine." 12-step programs work for a very few. I don't work in steps; Sometimes I like to read the ending before the beginning of a book or article or this blog, for example. I like to see/discover he big picture first and work out all the details later (the details my subconscious already knows.)

Spirituality/God/universal consciousness/aliens/ghosts/other densities/the paranormal (which is actually normal) is for the "Curious George" in all us to question and explore and be a part of.

Anonymous said...

One's subconscious is akin to and interfaces between your conscious mind and your soul. Both your subconscious and soul knows everything you have ever read, experienced, or seen in a millisecond flash. One difference (and there are many) between the two, is that your soul knows everything about your past lives also.

Anonymous said...

The word for tonight: Autodidact

Anonymous said...

10:05 PM

Why do people think they're an expert after reading a couple of books? We don't experience life in books. Reading the Bible doesn't make someone a Christian, nor does it empower man to do God's will.

AA's 12 step program is the definitive standard used worldwide by psychiatrists and psychologists for treatment. But go ahead and quote your fringe theorists.

You can find numerous opponents of AA, especially since there's no money in a spiritual solution to a medical condition. There is big money in oppression, medication and treatment. Big pharma promotes alternative treatments and funds studies that help generate revenue.

Until you hopelessly watch someone you love die from addiction, you cannot truly appreciate the lives saved and families restored by these groups.

AA is not a religion. It is not a cult either. It is a support group that asks for nothing from anyone! The only requirement for membership is the desire to stop drinking. Attendees are encourage to put a dollar in the basket, but not mandatory.

I am very familiar with the history of AA and the Oxford group. You might not have the whole story; keep reading. I've been reading them for 23 years.

Feel free to condemn and criticize them all you want. Unlike you, AA's have given up the judgement seat and found peace and freedom by demonstrating kindness, compassion and tolerance.

They don't claim to be they only avenue for sobriety. They do claim that if you follow the suggestions and work the steps you will experience a new freedom and a new happiness. That you will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. That you will comprehend the word serenity and know peace.

I did not believe this, until I experienced these claims for myself.

The paradox: If it weren't for my addiction, I may have suffered eternal consequences by following my own self-centered nature. I experienced separation from God and His spirit through my pride, envy, wrath, greed, gluttony, sloth and lust.

Few highly intelligent people are actually "in touch" with the spiritual aspect of existence. They tend to have an attitude of self sufficiency, which replaces a personal relationship with God. They may know everything there is to know, but their faith is in their knowledge.

Addiction is just one side affect of separation from God.

Everything I just shared is pretty much common knowledge, but those experiencing resentment or denial cannot accept it; I know I didn't at first.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Drunk drivers who kill people should be shot in the head on the side of the road. That may discourage first offenders and there will be no repeat offenders.

10:38 AM

10:38 should we also line up and shoot the kids (and adults) who are killing others as the result of texting while driving and other distracting behaviors?

Anonymous said...

Seems like a driving problem rather than a drinking problem.

Aren't there places now that will deliver booze?!

Regardless, the dude is rich. He could hire a flunky to keep him sloshed or a taxi to keep himself mobile.

Anonymous said...

This what makes America great!

"The land of 8th, 9th, and 10th chances"

I love America!!!!

Anonymous said...

This dialog is all babble about "what is alcoholism?" when you see evidence of the incredible failure of the legal system to protect society from these criminals.

So sad

Anonymous said...

Here's a funny quote

"My function in the system is to reach an agreement that will help him and protect society"

-Reed Prospere (one of the battalion of attorneys who is fortunate to separate Dent from his money.

This whole episode is a failure to protect society

Check out this protector of society's client feedback...priceless

Anonymous said...

This is 10:38

Anonymous said...

12:54 - "AA's 12 step program is the definitive standard used worldwide by psychiatrists and psychologists..."

Because it's a "boxed" theory/answer to addiction written around 1939, with most unable to see beyond the box. There are many more of us outside the box, nowdays.

Unknown said...

Trouble with DWI is that you can be totally fine and be Drunk according to the law. Drunk is bad,drinking is different

Anonymous said...

10:58 PM

Why should one look outside the box if he there is healing inside?

Many see the Holy Bible in the same light, a "boxed theory/answer". Yet it has also set the standard for morality and given man hope.

But don't worry, with prosperity and 'higher' learning comes pride and self-centeredness which has no need for the living God. For nearly 3,000 years, the results of this attitude have always led civilizations into self destruction.

That same pride feed's many a diseased mind, including the alcoholic.

Man's great accumulation of knowledge has always failed him in the end. You may want to brush up on your history, before they take it out of the box and rewrite it.

Anonymous said...

"But I suppose that most who have read this far are thinking, 'That man simply has no self control and needs to be locked up.' If only it was that simple."

Well, then, why not?

Are we to keep letting him do exactly the same thing, until someone dies?
Honestly, at this point, his incarceration is more preventative detention than it is for punishment/corrections.

Barry, you're a family man, now. Everyone that actually give a damn about could be wiped out by the single act of a Jim Dent, some day. It's such a repugnant thought that I (also a family man) can hardly present it to you as an example of why we have to imprison such people.

I get that they're supposed to have a good defense, BG. You keep doing that. But I will, in my capacity as a law enforcement officer, keep doing my "simple" job of putting them in jail and prison.

Anonymous said...

Last clarification I hope,

The best way to enable an alcoholic or any criminal behavior for that matter, is to shield them from the consequences of their actions.

Drinking is not a crime. Driving drunk is. A “time out” in jail has saved many lives by motivating their willingness to seek help and change. Many alcoholics have died because they were shielded from the consequences of their behavior; the innocent suffer as well.

Tough love is toughest on the loved ones who demonstrate it. It is not easy to allow your child to suffer homelessness, dumpster diving or jail time, but it has saved many lives. Yes, they could die, but they will also die if enabled to continue in addiction; a much slower, more painful death. I have experienced all of these examples.

It may be hard to wrap your head around this line of thought, but you may actually be aiding in someone’s recovery by helping them find a prison cell. You may also have saved their life, as well as innocent lives.

I know an AA who’s been sober over 2 decades and doesn’t think twice about calling the police and turning someone in for driving drunk. He says he’s helping them “find their bottom”. At first I didn’t agree, but he looked at me and asked me how I would feel if they drove up the street and accidentally killed someone. Would I be guilty along with the drunk driver of aiding in the death?

If you’re willing to sacrifice the life of your spouse, child or grandchild to a drunk driver, then you’re may be just as insane as the drunk.

12:54 AM 10:33 AM

Anonymous said...

2:39 said: "It may be hard to wrap your head around this line of thought, but you may actually be aiding in someone’s recovery by helping them find a prison cell. You may also have saved their life, as well as innocent lives."

Hear, hear.