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A Post About Something That I Haven't Even Read

There was a tweet today from Corby Davidson of The Ticket which said something along the lines of "this is the article we are discussing right now." I hadn't been listening. I clicked on the link. Oh, my.

Jim Dent is/was a sports writer. He's worked for metroplex papers and anyone around my age who has ever picked up a sports page around here knows his name.  He's written books. Lots of them. I've got a copy of The Junction Boys in one of the drawers of my nightstand.

The last I remember (and I'm writing this without fact checking), he had been sentenced a few years ago to prison for DWI. I was really stunned. You don't go to prison for DWI unless you have at least two prior convictions.  But there was something even crazier about it as I recall. Either he was placed on probation and arrested for drunk driving within a week or released from prison and was arrested within a week.   Once that part of his life was behind him, he appeared on local radio stations to talk about it. I recall feeling that he received a cold reception.

I hadn't thought about him much since then.

Then I glanced at the headline of the article that was the result of my clicking on a link. He now sits in the Collin County jail for another DWI and faces prison yet again.  Good lord.

There will come a day whether by drug or some Star Trek like brain altering scan that addiction will be cured. I truly believe that. But I suppose that most who have read this far are thinking, "That man simply has no self control and needs to be locked up." If only it was that simple.