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It's Hard What To Predict Which Stories Get National Attention . . .

. . . but this has potential.

There were stories over the weekend that the suicide was the probable result of bullying. He was jumped/beaten a couple of times and the events were videotaped and posted online and they spread "like wildfire". He then "borrowed a gun" from a friend tp defend himself but he later used it to kill himself.

When I first saw the above tweet I thought he was one of the guys who bullied him, but I don't think so. The story, scant on details, says "The teen has been charged with tampering or fabricating physical evidence (a third-degree felony), theft of a firearm (a state jail felony) and making a firearm accessible to a child (a class A misdemeanor)."


Anonymous said...

You're correct; this isn't a bully, it's the kid who provided the gun.

This occurred within 2 miles of my house, and our neighborhood is rocked. In the last six months we have had a Scoggins Middle School student die by suicide, the crazy murder-for-hire story, and now this, all within about a three-mile radius. Add that in to the fact that another Scoggins student committed suicide last year, and our sleepy little neighborhood is on edge.

Then, this past weekend, a Scoggins student hacked the Instagram account of a fellow Scoggins student (again, same middle school) and made threatening posts. As a result FISD and McKinney PD had a strong presence at the school today and lots of parents kept their kids home.

Weird times here in McKinney...

Anonymous said...

More hate, more haters. Learned behavior?

A very well respected minister said, "What parents do in moderation, their children do in excess."

If you think this is accidental or coincidental, it's not.

Sounds like that sleepy little neighborhood needs to wake up and teach their children how to behave and how to get along.

The parents may not be held responsible for the actions of their children, but that does not mean they are innocent in the matter!

We are responsible for instilling ethical values in our children, which is impossible if we don't possess them ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I've had a hard time making sense of this tragedy. The family says their son was bullied numerous times and that they complained to the school district. After the suicide, according to the DMN, the Mckinney school district contended they had received no complaints of bullying.
Some of the bullying was recorded and put out on social media. What's going on? I feel like somewhere between the parents and the school district something is being hidden.

Anonymous said...

We build soulless suburbs and cram kids into giant, impersonal football-factory high schools where they are just another test score. Then we grieve when they seek relief.

Anonymous said...

Why, when one or two incidents occur in a population of 100,000 or more; suddenly the suburbs have no soul and kids are just a test score? THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of kids go to suburban DFW schools each year and graduate happy, well adjusted, loved by teachers and loving life from these "impersonal" high schools and "soulless" suburbs. Life is so much better in the country with good old Christian country folks I guess. Don't believe the STAGGERING amount of meth arrests and child sex offenders that live there, though. That's just lies made up by city folks.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a druggie.

Anonymous said...

The kid pictured was friends with the kid who was bullied. He stole a gun, gave it to the kid who killed himself (he says it was so the other boy could defend himself), found the friend's body, then tried to throw the gun in a nearby creek where it was later discovered by law enforcement.