Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • A Tarrant County assistant DA was reportedly just fired because she couldn't get to work by the newly designated start time of 7:45 a.m.  She has a child whose school opens up at 7:30. and can't get to downtown Fort Worth within the following 15 minutes. 
  • Veteran Tarrant County assistant DA Alicia Cooper, who prosecuted Tyler Holder for the murder of six year old Alanna Gallagher in Saginaw, quit yesterday. 
  • You think things are going well in the Tarrant County DA's office since Sharen Wilson took office January 1st?  The turmoil would have received a lot more attention if Dallas DA Susan Hawk wasn't getting all the publicity for prescription drug rehab. 
  • Funny thing on Fox 4 last night that I was smart enough to notice: Steve Eager had trouble reading the teleprompter, they cut to packaged footage as part of the report, and when they cut back to Eager he had glasses on. 
  • Junior In The House last night as she looked up and saw a Duke player on TV: "He's cute!" (Welcome to my world.)  I look the guy up and he was nineteen.
  • The University of Virginia fraternity who was the subject of a false rape allegation in Rolling Stone says it will sue the magazine.  I only do criminal law, but I have this vague memory from law school: Isn't there some huge legal hurdles when a "group" claims they were defamed? 
  • Mrs. LL coaches a girls softball team of sixth graders. I came up with a "trick play" which has to have a flaw and which Mrs. LL has rejected. Hypothetical; She has a runner on third and a runner on first. Probably 99% of the time the runner on first can steal second uncontested because a throw to second from the catcher will allow the runner on third to score. (And the chances of even getting the runner out at second ain't that great.) So here's my idea: What if the runner on first would attempt to steal but would dramatically walk/slow jog down to second. My theory is that it would be so bizarre that the catcher might panic (as well as the crowd)  and throw to second allowing the runner on third to score. And the runner going to second would be able to break back to first without getting out. Other than the play probably be borderline sorry to pull of in sixth grade softball, what's the flaw in my genius plan? 
  • I saw my neighbor's garage door go up this morning and go to peek inside. It was immaculate. Note to Mrs. LL and The Kids In The House: You better look around our garage and save anything you want. There's a crazy cleaning of it this weekend. 
  • Last night I referred to a household battery by putting "Class" in front of it. You know, "Class A", "Class Triple A". She looked at me like I was crazy. I did a quick Google search and got no support. Did I make that up? (Actually, she was getting the very odd C battery that I referred to as a "Class C". She thinks I'm getting it confused with traffic ticket offenses. We have very weird conversations.) 
  • "Little pink houses for you and me": Dallas oil heir Albert Hill III was ordered to pay his lawyers $28 million in a trust fund battle where he was awarded $188 million. (Source - behind paywall.)
  • What does this tweet last night by state representative Terry Canales mean?: "Bo dont know Charlie! @BudKennedy Bo French @charliegeren  challenger has Tx-sized baggage http://thescoopblog.dallasnews.com/2014/01/chris- … " Attached to the tweet is a picture of Bo French and his family in a campaign photo for the Texas House. The DMN link, oddly, goes to this which is and old article about sports station The Fan. Huh?  And a Google search of "Bo French Texas House" turns up almost nothing, although a "Bo French" does show up in some American Sniper stories. Consider me confused.