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Remember That Burning Building In New York Last Week?


Anonymous said...

Do any of ever get embarrassed by liberal behavior. Who else would possibly behave that way?

Katy Anders said...

While I don't generally walk down the street taking selfies, I'vve still never understood the outrage that selfies engender.

Old people remembering the good old days when if we wanted to remember something, we carved a sktech of it into a stone tablet... I guess.

Anonymous said...

You people gripe about any rights you may disagree with. You want to take away our right to take pictures but worship your god?

Hillary '16

Anonymous said...

I don't understand.
The liberals and the liberal media created this behavior. Now, this time, its wrong???????

Anonymous said...

Selfie's are like Woody Allen movies, they piss me off whenever I encounter one, but I really cannot explain why!!! It is like a crime against human nature and something deep within is telling me to move along!