Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL proclaimed last night that no one can sneak up behind her and scare her because she can always sense a person coming up behind her. I pressed her on it. Nope, she said, not possible. 
  • Hillary should select one of the Texas Castro brothers as her vice president nominee. She won't win Texas even if she did, but it could awaken the Hispanic electorate in general. And once they are awakened, it's game over. Not just this election but for years to come. 
  • Not a fan of April Fool's Day. 
  • Bag of Nothing guy is a big fan, and I have no idea how he did that to bagofnothing.com this morning. 
  • I haven't looked for this morning, but I heard a couple of talk radio reports which said a cell phone recording from the passenger compartment of the German jet has been found.  I would think that news would be everywhere but I can't find it. That would be a very bad April Fool's prank.  Edit: It is possibly legit. 
  • I thought the victim in the first item in the Update this morning sounded familiar. I looked him up and he had 11 past arrests -- in Wise County. 
  • The Texas House adjourned at 5:40 a.m. this morning after an 18 hour day of complete silliness arguing over the Texas budget. Probably the "high point" was when Rep. Stuart Spitzer out of Kaufman wanted to move $3 million away from HIV Prevention program and move it to abstinence education since is was the "best prevention".  So another rep asked him on the House floor if abstinence worked for him.  Spitzer replied that he was a virgin when he married at age 29. "I've only had sex with one woman in my life, and that's my wife." Spitzer's amendment passed. 
  • Good grief, listened to a little of the Mark Davis Show's podcast from yesterday and Dennis Prager was on there. He's everywhere hawking his new book on the Ten Commandments (which I wish had an 11th one that said "Thou Shall Not Exploit Thy God To Make Money.")
  • In his arrogant tone, he explained that we are dumb if we interpret "Thou Shall Not Kill" as to actually mean "kill". See, he has studied ancient Hebrew (meaning "Don't challenge me on this") and the original text said "murder" and not "kill".  The two, he says, are different. That is pseudo-intellectualism at his finest. You know how we define murder in Texas and most states? "Intentionally or knowingly causes the death of an individual."  Using that definition of murder, a soldier murders someone. A Texas executioner murders someones. A person who is being robbed but defends himself and shoots his robber has murdered someone. And that's true. But because we don't want to penalize those individuals, we have created defenses and exemptions throughout our law so those people cannot be convicted of murder.  We make it justifiable murder. I'm not saying that the Commandment means we should never kill anyone for any reason -- I have no idea -- but to say "kill" and "murder" are two different things is an attempt to try to be the smartest guy in the room.  
  • And, if you believe him, aren't you a little concerned that he's saying you are reading a King James Version relied upon by millions which uses a word that flat out is not an accurate translation of the original text?
  • Joni Mitchell is intensive care. Whenever I hear her name I think of how an album and song of hers played a part of Love Actually.
  • Man, The Ticket played some of Comedy Central's roast of Justin Bieber and it was shocking. And funny.  Those things are crazy. No matter what is said, everyone gets a pass.
  • Sheesh, forgot about another Prager comment: He believes it simply is impossible and inconceivable that anyone would not sell a product or a service to a gay person because of religious reasons. 
  • The Arkansas legislature followed Indiana's lead on the "religious freedom" law. Hey, Indiana. Arkansas followed you.