More Legal Insanity - This Time In Houston

Lawyers in Houston are scratching their heads over a lavish honeymoon gift registry posted online by Harris County Family Court Judge Alicia Franklin and her fiancé, attorney Doug York.
We're joining in on the head-scratching, especially since the exposure of the site -- which describes the couple's plans to stay in Paris and the Maldives ("for a little r&r") -- comes on the heels of a report finding that Franklin collected $806,005 from the county for her work as a judge-appointed attorney between 2010 and 2014.  More

Edit: I'm not sure I've had so many comments from people who don't understand this story.  Is it wrong to have a high tone registry? I don't know. I don't care. That's not the point. It's about a trip described in that registry. But the key to this is publicizing the trip is "tone deaf" -- meaning "do you have any idea how this looks for a person in your situation?"

So what's her situation? We've got a judge who collected and ungodly amount of money when she was a court appointed lawyer. Enough to raise eyebrows that something could be seriously amiss. (Try being a good attorney and make a living off court appointments -- normally you will starve. Quickly. She got rich.) And, you conservatives, we are talking about taxpayer dollars.  But here is the point: Despite complaints about her in Houston for all of that, she flaunts her extravagant trip.