I'm Not A Political Expert, But I Don't Think This Is A Good Start For Her


Edit: Always love the comments about how it's soooo different because it is pain medication.  One comment on the DMN site said she wasn't doing "dope" and her problem happens to "normal" people. Good grief. Is that some kind of code? She was self-medicating. She had the resources to have a doctor who would write her a prescription (assuming she did everything "legal" and didn't doctor shop or lie about how she needed pills for physical pain.)  I suppose those who aren't "normal" and self-medicate with drugs get locked up. And for all those who scream "one is legal and one is not!", are the people behind bars really that different from someone like Hawk who put a substance in her body to alter her state and got addicted? Then again, you look at her photo and bio realize there are differences -- just none that should matter about how we treat each other.