Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Dallas DA Susan Hawk dodged questions yesterday about her bizarre behavior saying it was time to "move forward."  I wrote last week about how the Junior In The House tried to avoid reprimand by using the same line. 
  • I haven't seen the Scientology documentary on HBO yet, but I will. Their beliefs sound crazy but Danny Balis stopped down the Hardline on The Ticket yesterday when he said, "You know, there are some pretty crazy things in the Bible, too."  
  • That reminded me of a Julia Sweeney bit from a few years back when she compared Mormonism origins to Christianity origins and the faith that both groups have to have. (It's too hard to explain. I was just going to link to it and, I'll be dang, she did a "Ted Talk" about it.  Two weeks ago I had never heard of Ted Talks and now I can't stop seeing references to them.)
  • Very crazy story about a lady leaving the  King's Spa in Dallas and then leaving her seven year old in a trash bin outside of it for 10 hours.  King's Spa is getting a bad rap here and is just an innocent bystander. I wrote about visiting that place after a  neighbor family was headed there one morning.  It is 100% opposite of what you would think it is. 
  • There are some reports that the marijuana being legally sold in Colorado has some stuff in it that isn't marijuana. We are through with Big Tobacco lawsuits, but could there be a different round with marijuana?
  • On the news last night, a reporter introduced a lawyer as head of the Dallas Bar Association. The Sixth Grader in the house looked at me very confused and said, "bar association?"  That is a little hard to explain. 
  • Rolling Stones in Cowboys Stadium on June 6. I remember when they came through in the early 1980s and there was serious talk that it might be their last tour. 
  • Strange story of the week: The Missouri state auditor killed himself last month and now the person who was his spokesman does the same thing. 
  • Sean Hannity had both Ann Coulter and Dennis Prager on last night. No way I was going to subject myself to that. 
  • Mrs. LL went to a trampoline park group workout last night (I'm still not clear on that) but there were also a group of special needs kids who just happen to be there. The kids began cheering on the women with unadulterated excitement. Mrs. LL said it was one of the inspiring and heartwarming things she had ever seen. 
  • Pulled out the gas powered weedeater this weekend for the first time since last fall and it fired up on the very first pull. Nothing good happen after that to ruin the weekend. 
  • Everyone was raving about the story in The Messenger about the new family over in Bridgeport who moved in with a group of star basketball players. It sounded glowing. I know nothing about them, but I like their kitchen
  • Saw a tons of new stories yesterday about McDonald's considering offering its breakfast menu all day long.  Was that an ad disguised as a news story? It was a national story so it would have cost a fortune, but McDonald's has a fortune.