Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A prosecutor in the Tarrant County DA's office who was in charge of the prosecution of the murder case involving a Grapevine veterinarian quit the day after obtaining a 50 year sentence The departures continue to mount. 
  • The fact that a Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 is being released should make us all just want to give up. 
  • Fox 4 ran a "buttock enhancement" commercial during its newscast last night with a nice doctor telling us that he offers the procedure starting at $4,995.  Ok, maybe that should make us all want to give up. 
  • First Baptist Church pastor Robert Jeffress is actually an official "Fox News Contributor." (I thought I'd noticed he had appeared on the network quite a bit lately.)  Note to Board of Deacons: He is doing irreversible damage to your church. You may like the publicity now, but his crazy rants will come back to haunt you. 
  • In January, Amazon announced it will hire 500 new employees for its site in Haslet. Yesterday they announced they will hire 400 more.  That's big news for nearby Wise County. 
  • I forgot to mention yesterday when the Fake Barry Green approached Brian Cuban on Twitter about burying the hatchet, Cuban was beyond gracious and forgiving. 
  • This weekend I will only eat Peeps that are free range. (I stole that from Tim Rogers of D Magazine. Although I'll admit it seemed funnier last night.)
  • I'm going to wear out my Baseball Pitchback net. Last night Mrs. LL had to say, "You gonna stop? It's dark."
  • If Wordkyle says the new Iraq nuclear agreement is worthless well . . . I'll agree with him. 
  • The Family Cat has been throwing up lately. We've got an appointment with the vet, but this is really odd. And she seems to be incredibly thirsty Any expert opinions out there? 
  • Sarah Colonna has been all over the radio and local TV the last 24 hours. Admission: I have never heard of her.
  • This Vine clip of Michael Irvin cheering at the NIT last night is as funny as it is bizarre. Buddy, it's the NIT. I just try to envision him screaming "CLOSED!"
  • I'm kind of surprised today's Update didn't mention the death of Stephen Hale. 
  • BagOfNothing went off about the online resume of the new female sports reporter at Fox 4. Sounds like something I'd do, not him. 
  • I read the lead article in the DMN this morning about the Irving City Council and Sharia Law. That public meeting last night was embarrassing. And all of this is about a resolution supporting a silly Texas bill -- a resolution that wasn't even necessary.  I'm not sure the mayor isn't creating a controversy just to get publicity.