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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Some are up in arms that a school make-up day for the earlier weather cancellations includes Good Friday. I think Bridgeport ISD is doing that. 
  • The Tarrant County DA has announced her office will not file criminal charges against the Northwest ISD kid who wrote a fictitious yet violent and sexual blog.  I've dogged her but she made the only decision she could. That's not a crime. Nor could it ever be because of the First Amendment. And the school will not discipline him either. Nor can they.  
  • Lots of people love free speech so long as and they don't find it offensive. It's akin to people loving freedom of religion so long as they agree with their beliefs being expressed..
  • I've heard some theories that DPS disciplined the trooper for posing with Snoop Dog because he was overweight and did not appropriately represent DPS. Others mentioned that the fact that Snoop called him a "deputy" riled up the heads of DPS.  I'm not saying DPS considers themselves above those law enforcement officers who work for sheriff offices but ....Ok, they do.
  • But there was a comment under the Snoop Dog post yesterday which indicates that the trooper had previously filed a complaint against a TBCA TABC agent and the higher ups at DPS didn't appreciate the whining. 
  • I misquoted Dennis Prager yesterday. I said he didn't believe it was possible that anyone would refuse to provide a service or product to someone because that person was gay. He actually said he didn't believe anyone would refuse to do so based upon religious reasons. That makes the statement even more insane. (He should read yesterday's comments.) 
  • Arkansas' governor figured out that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to sign the "religious freedom" law.  And all those potential GOP presidential candidates better back away as well. 
  • I dogged Brian Cuban hard on Sunday but I'll give him credit for simply dropping it. Side note: I couldn't agree more with a commenter on that post who pointed out that I wasted a beautiful Sunday afternoon while creating that snarky diatribe. Double side note: Cuban unblocked me on Twitter so I couldn't help but glance at his timeline yesterday and was stunned to see that someone had created a new profile and was impersonating me in order to try to set up a meeting with him as a peace offering. That's disturbing  -- not for me -- for him. He sniffed it out quickly. (If he hadn't, I would have alerted him in a New York minute.)
  • Dallas DA Susan Hawk hired a new first assistant and I'm hypnotized by her photo. One second I think she's good looking and then next second I think she's not. Then I think she looks angry and vindictive and then I change my mind and think she looks vulnerable. The picture is like a work of art. (Do you think Mrs. LL will be upset when she gets home and sees that I got a print of it and hung it above the fireplace?)
  • Sports: (1) When a person like Tony Romo restructures his contract, he's just spreading out the prior agreed upon payments and getting a little extra to compensate for the time value of money. It's not a pay cut. (2) Mavericks fans shouldn't feel any optimism about last night crazy high scoring game. A depleted OKC team decided to turn the game into a bit and still almost won. (3) The Ticket's Musers this morning said it would take a #1 pick and more to trade of Adrian Peterson. I think it would take next to nothing. Peterson's contract calls for $12.7 million, $14.7 million and $16.7 million over the next three years. There's talk Minnesota might even consider cutting him to avoid paying those amounts. If that's what they want to do, getting anything in a trade is a gift. 
  • Yesterday WFAA referred to the woman killed in the Fort Worth convenience store/car incident this week as "homeless". Today, the Star-Telegram referred to her as a married and loving mother of three who was living motel to motel. Note: She was 24 and poor but had children ages 8, 5, and 8 months.