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I'm Not Sure I Understand The Internet

A group makes "musicless music videos" by editing and cutting down real music videos. And then leaves out the music. This one is from Ghostbusters and is almost creepy.  The original was a couple of minutes longer because clips of the film were spliced in among other things.

This is oddly hypnotic.


Wurdkyle said...

Barry, you of all people need to check out the one they did for Britney Spears Oops I Did it Again.

The leather squeking is hypnotic!

Triple Fake... said...

Lots of stuff would be weird without the audio, considering that the audio for a music video can provide the context. Although a lot of the videos can be really abstract. I imagine some other videos from the '80s would look really odd.
The only creepy part is when she's in bed. the rest seemed fairly ordinary.

Anonymous said...

This was almost impossible to self gratify myself too without music.