Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • We bought one of those baseball "pitchback nets" again (the last one gave out after a couple of years.) I love those things.  Although I did have an awkward moment in trying to assemble it without looking at the instructions since it was the exact same make and model of the last one. It didn't go well. Mrs. LL had to come out and do the "step aside" routine. 
  • That Dallas DA situation has escalated quickly. There are even calls for her resignation, and I'm guessing she won't handle this pressure well. 
  • The Junior in the House asked me the difference between "effect" and "affect" last night. Girl, I'm the last person you should ask about that. 
  • Mrs. LL saw a huge, huge group of sports bikes on a highway in Fort Worth yesterday which were causing traffic to slow down to a standstill. I'm guessing they were doing stunts like we saw on Central Expressway a few years back
  • I perked up when I saw that federal judge John McBryde in Fort Worth had allegedly made “disparaging, gender-discriminatory remarks” in connection with a defendant trying to delay her sentence because of a potential surgery. But the story didn't say what those remarks were. "The 5th Circuit issued a rare public reprimand of McBryde in 1995 over what it called his 'intemperate, abusive and intimidating treatment of lawyers, fellow judges and others.' He was suspended from receiving new cases for a year."
  • You want to know where we are heading? Consider this: 76,976 people showed up in stadium in California this weekend to watch Wrestlemania 31. 
  • Doing a complete 180 from last week, the University of Texas fired Rick Barnes over the weekend. His exit press conference was eerily similar to Mack Brown's with a feeling of, "I have not been treated fairly and I'm going to tell you all about it some day." 
  • I got Slumped Shoulder when I saw that Dance Mums UK was set to be recorded on the DVR. The. Whole. Series. 
  • What a slow news weekend nationally and locally. The first three items in the Update were spring high school sports scores. 
  • Liberally Lean Pick 'Em standings