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Bold Move

I've long said the Oscars isn't that great of a show, but this is pretty bold for them.



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Dont care bout dis, I jus want my free Obammy phone.

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RPM said...

Great pick.

Triple Fake... said...

I would call it more of a smart move, considering he's a hot commodity right now. He's got several shows in production, he recently directed a film, and he's one of the richest people in Hollywood.
What's bold about it? It's not like he's gonna draw scathing cartoon depictions while on stage. It'll be a few topical jokes. And really, how bold can you get - on broadcast TV - with politics, sex, and whoever is trendy/flopping?

The thing I've never understood about the Oscars is the acceptance speeches. It's one thing for an editor or even a director to get up there and fumble and sound incoherent (free booze!). But actors?! C'mon, you're actors - act like somebody who is good at delivering an acceptance speech!
The other thing is - they make a big production out of it (Hollywood, go figure!). They should just read the nominees, announce the winner, and let them accept. Drop all the singing, dancing, and hoopla. Why do we need to hear a live version of every song that was nominated? The acting nominees don't get on stage and do three minutes from their movies

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I'm surprised no one has tried to say BO is a good mixture of Brian and Stewie....a liberal with a desire to take over the world..

DF Hannity

jeterville flasher said...

Family guy should be in the bammy rammy debate, he'd win