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Aledo Killer (Allegedly)

This story broke this morning but I keep waiting for something to be released that at least makes one iota of sense. That hasn't happened. This 17 year old kid allegedly killed his mother and teenage sister last night in Aledo.  The mom was a former Aledo teacher and assistant principal. After the kid shot them to death, he calmly called 911 to report it.

911: Is there any reason that you were so angry with your mother and your sister?
Caller: Uh, I don’t know. I wasn’t… it’s weird. I wasn’t really angry with them, it just kind of happened. I’ve been kind of, uh, planning on, uh, killing for a while now.
911: The two of them or just anybody?
Caller: Pretty much anybody.

Edit: Not that it matters (I have to say that), but they lived in a huge house based upon the report tonight on Fox 4.