The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Breaking: U.S. unemployment rate falls to 7.8%. Boom!
  • The Republicans have had so little to cheer for during the presidential campaign, they were absolutely giddy yesterday about a debate that didn't even have one single memorable moment.
  • Based upon the pitching matchup tonight, the Rangers should absolutely win over the Orioles. But the fact that they should win is what makes everyone nervous.
  • What would be the ultimate blow is a loss caused by Chris Davis -- a good guy who could never cut it with the Rangers but who has 33 home runs for the Orioles this year. 
  • Father and son at a bar in Dallas. Woman there to. Woman's ex shows up. Son now dead. Dad wounded. I just had to look up the bar on Google Streetview.
  • That 911 tape in the kid-shoots-family in Aledo case may be the creepiest thing ever. 
  • Saw a woman up at the courthouse who was getting probation in a misdemeanor case --- and she was crying hysterically.  Lady, grow up. 
  • If you know who Beano Cook is, keep that name in mind. Based upon his disappearance from a podcast I listen to, I fear he is in very bad health.
  • Yay temperature change!
  • No question that the American Airlines pilots are jacking with those seats.  That is so unnerving. 
  • Bridgeport has a Homecoming Queen that has a Korean origins. Pretty girl. 
  • That Doberman is still with us. We just glare at each other a lot now. I think tomorrow is his last day. 
  • TCU suspended there quarterback indefinitely after his DWI arrest. That has to be for the whole season, doesn't it?