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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The French Quarter needs a bath every morning. Anyone who walks through the French Quarter needs a bath immediately thereafter. 
  • Man, people act a fool down there. 
  • The highway to from New Orleans to Baton Rouge may be "boring" but it's efficient. Seventy miles per hour without on and off ramps (because not many people want to exit into a swamp.)
  • The tailgating scene at LSU borders on the bizarre. RVs as far as the eye can see, and the campus itself was full of tables and tents everywhere you could look.
  • We saw Shaq!  No matter how huge you envision he might be, that's not big enough.
  • Everyone always told me to go to a "night game" at LSU. I expected a drunken - borderline violent - crowd like you would see at a European soccer game. It was far from it. They were loud and it was a scene to behold, but it wasn't over the top.
  • And, man, I forgot how boring LSU's four-yards-at-a-time offense is. 
  • It was Washington bizarro for me. LSU played the University of Washington which is the same team that Baylor played in the Alamo Bowl I went to in December. And the Saints played Washington (D.C.). 
  • I saw a Segway tour in New Orleans. Those things must be the easiest things to learn to ride in the history of ever. 
  • I'm mad I missed the weather here on Saturday. It sounded fantastic. 
  • Of all the football I saw in person, nothing stopped me down like hearing over the radio on Saturday that a Tulane player had been so severely injured that a tracheotomy had to be performed on the field. After I Google it when I got home, I found out those reports were not true.
  • I didn't go to the Ninth Ward, but I saw almost no evidence of the aftermath of Katrina.
  • Man, there was a lot of trash talking between Saints and Redskins fans. I don't understand how grown men can get so passionate about a professional team.
  • I'm a neutral fan at these "football road trip games" so I never cheer. There's always at least one guy in the stands eyeing me trying to figure out what's wrong with me. 
  • RG3 was fantastic. Yeah, it's only one game, but he looks like he's the real deal. And it's kind of fun to say I saw his last college TD and his first pro TD in person. 
  • We walked to the cemetery I mentioned last week and the journey didn't seem bad at all. Although we did get close to one drunk white guy who couldn't hang on to his lighter to save his life. (And he had a hard time picking it up.) Of all the 100+ year old graves in there, I was surprised to find one tomb with "2011" added to it. 
  • Mrs. LL walked into a VooDoo shop.  Not me. I'm keeping my sweet, clean karma.. 
  • In general, I think I've lost my appetite. Is that a symptom of something?