The Campaign For DA



I haven't watched the X-Factor because I hate those shows.  I mean, my other favorite gal in the world, Christina, is on that other show and I don't watch that one either. And, trust me, that talent crap has to really get under my nerves not to ogle those two gals.

But the other night, Mrs. LL walked by and said "Look at that blonde" on the TV.  I was looking at my computer (probably doing extensive legal research) so I missed it. I hit the replay button on the DVR and Britney rolls by but nothing else. I hit replay again to go further back because I'm expecting to see something weird happen to some blond girl. But, nope, Mrs. LL, unbeknownst to me, just wanted me to check out Britney. So there I am sitting in my chair hitting replay over and over again to  try and find some blond do something weird. And I'd hit the replay button once I got to Britney.

My intentions were misinterpreted. The last thing I heard was an angry, "That's enough."