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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm hearing there is news of a pretty big scandal coming up at Holiday ISD.
  • One of the greatest lines in any songs comes from a pretty unlikely one: "And I need you more than want you. And I want you for all time." (Glen Campbell's "Wichita Lineman")
  • I did the dumbest thing this weekend by thinking I had lost something, went to the store and replaced it, and then returned home to find out it was not lost at all.
  • Then it got weirder when I sold it to a friend for 33% of its cost. But I felt better when he said, "It's a bargain because you won't be reminded of seeing it every day."
  • I can't stand Clint Eastwood and have never liked his movies. That being said, I watched "The Outlaw Josey Wales" yesterday. Big, bit thumbs up. I now know why his fans defend him so much despite such train wrecks as "Million Dollar Baby."
  • Yep, Mrs. LL didn't think the Kennedale teacher deserved five years. You guys got the "A Few Good Men" reference when I posted that below, right?
  • Saw on the news:  A really cute girl breaks her ankle while hiking and videos herself while waiting for help.
  • Gov. Perry says he'll run for re-election. I don't know how, but I bet he'll win.
  • Raced the Freshman-In-The-House (good grief) in a 50 meter swim race. I lost. I can't believe I lost. 
  • I think a Polaroid print-an-instant-picture camera might actually sell right now. So old school. So permanent. 
  • After years and years, I've planned another football weekend trip.  This time to New Orleans. Will see an LSU night game, and a New Orleans Saints day game (which just happens to be against the Redskins which means I get to see RG3's first NFL game.) Mrs. LL  is going along and she's already giddy. Really. 
  • Based upon the prices, they are pretty proud of their hotels in New Orleans.
  • I plan on driving through the Ninth Ward.
  • A Congressman has to apologize for skinning dipping? Normally I'd say no, but doing it in the Sea of Galilee might change my mind.
  • The director of "Top Gun" has jumped off a bridge to his death.
  • Everytime I hear Matthew McConaughey's voice on that energy company commercial I turn to Mrs. LL and say, "I'm thinking of going to Austin and takin' my shirt off."
  • I cut my hair off. Not sure why I didn't do it sooner.