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Random Wise County Facebook Post

I  find it very sad that someone would shoot a pet deer belonging to Charlene Blaylock that was inside her high fenced property on 2123. It looks like they just pulled up on the road Saturday night, pulled out a 22 rifle and shot it in the stomach. What's worse, the doe (an exotic Fallow deer) has a fawn that's about a month old and if unable to forage, will die of starvation.

Charlene loves animals! With the help of her sister Pearlene and mother Winnie, she cares for several exotics (elk, llama, fallow deer, peacocks), as well cattle, horses, chickens and an exceptional herd of dogs.

You might join me and be more attentive when driving at night in rural areas. Thieves are not the only lawbreakers running the roads and creating havoc...