The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • "Fox News poll: Obama's lead grows as Romney's support slips." But I agree with the comment from yesterday that the national polls are irrelevant since it is all going to boil down to the electoral college. A relatively few states (and few people) will decide the election. 
  • The girl who walked into the propeller last Christmas was on the Today Show yesterday.
  • Other Hurricane Harbor observation: Kids are wearing sunglasses as big as the regular glasses of Buddy Holly.
  • RG3 went 4 of 6 for 70 yards and a touchdown last night. (Video). Craig Miller on The Ticket this morning said his delivery was "weird", "high school like", and "reminds me of Vince Young his first two years."  That's the craziest thing he's ever said. 
  • It's not the point of the Star-Telegram story, but there's a $10 million estate off of Blue Mound Road pretty close to 287?
  • The story on the local news last night was a cop body slamming a teenage girl after an "end of summer" party got out of hand. He took her down pretty hard, but we kind of need to know what prompted it before passing judgment. 
  • I think there was a Pet Glamour Shot session that broke out in the house last night. (And I get a little nervous with a Fourth Grader walking by me with a Nikon camera with the words "Remember is is not a toy!" echoing in the background.)
  • Hope Solo is no fraud.
  • There's a difference between the SuperPAC Romney-killed-my-wife ad and the Dewhurst Chinese ad.  The Chinese ad was paid for by the Dewhurst campaign. (There was a late Cruz-killed-my-son ad but that was from a SuperPAC.)
  • But, man, the right wing is going crazy over the anti-Romney ad. 
  • I don't understand Usain Bolt letting up on the 200 yesterday even though he won the gold. It's the finals. It's the Olympics. It might be the last time he's ever on that big of a stage. Why not go all out?
  • Dwight Howard to the Lakers? Mav fans need to prepare themselves for a decade of mediocrity. 
  • West Nile Virus over sold?
  • Neighbor woke us up around midnight to alert us that our garage door was open. I probably was a little overcautious having Mrs. LL stand behind me with a baseball bat as I cracked the door open.