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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Uh, oh. Randy Travis, who was arrested outside of a church in February for Public Intoxication, is in jail again. This time for DWI.
  • "Remember people . . . When it comes down to it, just being you is good enough." -- A tweet by RG3 last night. I wish he'd stop saying things like that. It makes me feel like I'm looking at Facebook. 
  • There is simply no way to avoid Olympic results during the day.
  • Aly Raisman (the Mean Girl) won the bronze in the balance beam competition last night but only after a protest/"enquiry" by her coach (which only occurred because he was told to by former and famous coach Bela Karolyi from the stands.)  I thought it was the most riveting moment of the Olympics but its barely on the news radar this morning. 
  • But someone had a sit down with Raisman -- even as the protest was ongoing, she was bending over backwards to give her congratulations to the other competitors. 
  • Edit: Looks like I got my Mean Girls confused based upon the comments.
  • When you block a shot in volleyball you can hit it again without forfeiting the point? How did I not know this?
  • Whoever/Whomever that U.S. female runner with "Felix" on her jersey is --- she's smokin' fast. 
  • I scared the Females in the House with a spider last night and the screams were so loud I was afraid the neighbors would call the cops. 
  • Somehow I'm on the email list for President Obama's campaign (I promise I didn't sign up nor have I donated -- I'm too cheap.) Anyway, I got an email yesterday giving me a "chance" to meet with the President and Michael Jordan and other basketball stars.  If that wasn't odd enough, the subject line of the email read "Michael freaking Jordan!"
  • Texas executed a guy with a 61 IQ last night. Good grief. 
  • The first photo of Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln "leaked" yesterday which prompted someone to write, "We can call off the competition for Best Actor." 
  • Everyone is up in arms about a new President Obama ad blaming Mitt Romney and Bain Capital for the death of a steelworkers wife. But it's not from the President, it was produced by a SuperPac -- and that's what you get from SuperPacs.
  • The Messenger had the oddest quote at the end of a story this week about the return of two-a-day football practice: "Hail, Ceasar. Those who are about to die salute you."