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School Daze

Nearly half the schools in North Texas and across the state got failing marks on their federal report cards this year after passing standards in reading and math were sharply increased and students switched to a new testing program. The number of school districts that failed to show “Adequate Yearly Progress” in student achievement also jumped dramatically from a year ago as a larger percentage of students was required to pass the state math and reading exams under federal standards spelled out by the No Child Left Behind Law.
A report released Wednesday by the Texas Education Agency showed that 876 districts and charter schools failed to make AYP this year, just over seven of every 10. The 27.6 percent that made the cut was down nearly 50 percent from a year ago. At the campus level, 4,080 schools fell short of the federal benchmark, an increase of 1,847 schools. Overall compliance with the standards dipped to 44.2 percent of all regular and charter school campuses. Several hundred campuses were not evaluated for a variety of reasons, including many that were new last year. More
Full PDF report.
It looks like there are two categories: Reading and Mathematics. Wise County results above. Boyd and Decatur almost hit the mother-load by not meeting the requirements in both categories for every school -- falling just one short. 
I couldn't find Paradise and Slidell on the list which I don't understand. Chico made the list even though every school in the district met the requirements.