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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I keep the Olympics on in the background, but maybe I should watch more closely. For a second there I thought our two man beach volleyball team lost to Latvia.
  • The new Mathew Perry show "Go On" looks horrible.
  • Viral photo of the day yesterday: A marriage proposal captured in Austin
  • The way Olympic runners slow down in the preliminaries when they believe they are assured of being in the top three is amazing to me. Does that ever come back to bite anyone?
  • When Michael Phelps spoke of this being his last Olympics the other day, he said he was tired of "staring at a black line" for four hours a day. It took me a second to understand what he was talking about. 
  • Sometimes I wish the Soviet Union would get back together just for the Olympics. There was nothing like the feeling of seeing that yellow hammer and sickle on a red jersey.
  • Any show that has a chef who is yelling is an immediate power down for me. 
  • "Obama: Flags To Be Flown At Half-Staff In Wake Of Shooting At Wisconsin Sikh Temple."  There really doesn't appear to be any standard that we use.
  • I woke up the other morning really content. Mrs. LL was happy. The Kids in the House had achieved some exciting goals. The Family Pup was asleep at my feet. The house was quiet. Then I asked myself, "Did I turn that water sprinkler off last night?" So much for the moment.
  • I'm so conflicted about  Dena Schlosser being found to be working at a Walmart and then fired. Yeah, she did an insane thing but if she didn't know right from wrong at the time, does that mean she should never work again? (And that was a pretty good "get" for WFAA. Lots of buzz about it this morning.)
  • I had forgotten that Schlosser was found not guilty by reason of insanity by a judge and not a jury. That had to be the equivalent of an agreed sentence --- the State has to consent to a defendant waiving his or her right to a jury. 
  • I've never been in a house struck by lightning but I bet the noise is indescribable. 
  • TCU has a curious standard. If you are caught with a little bit of marijuana in your pocket, you are kicked off the football team and kicked out of school. If you admit to smoking pot, using cocaine, and using ecstasy, there are no repercussions. 
  • For some reason I'm thinking of Big Tex this morning . . . .