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Fear The Pole Vault

I gotta admit, I fear this happening every time I watch the pole vault competition -- and I fully expect one of these days for the jagged edge of the bottom broken portion to flat out impale the guy. Gruesome thought? You bet. But I think its my duty to warn those folks over in London because once I have a dark thought, it tends to come true.  It's the only honorable thing to do.

P.S.   In Junior High in Bridgeport back in the day, the school was so bad off that we used a metal pole for the pole vault. I bet that thing was three inches in diameter, weighed a ton, and it wouldn't bend an inch. I remember us taking it to a meet in Joshua one time and some other kids saying, "Look at that thing. I'm glad our school isn't that poor."  I should have slapped that kid down right there and told him to keep a lookout for the term "Robin Hood Plan" in the future. Need to keep those one percenters in check at an early age.

Edit: We also had a cane pole. A real cane pole which was wrapped in tape from top to bottom. I have a vague memory of one legitimate pole but I think there were some strange limits on who could use it. Maybe only 8th graders?