The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The trial of the Texas Bernie Madoff has quietly been going on down in Houston over the past couple of weeks. Now that trial of alleged ponzi scheme mastermind Allen Stanford may end up in a mistrial as jurors say they are unable to reach a verdict. I thought the Feds had him. 
  • I'm getting back into audiobooks and have begun Manhunt: The 12 Day Chase For Lincoln's Killer.
  • A boxcutter was found on a commercial plane in Texas yesterday, so Fox 4 had an "aviation expert" on last night to talk about it. He opined there was no way the object could have gotten past TSA screeners. I opine he ain't much of an expert.
  • It's Super Tuesday. It sounds like it is all about Ohio. (And I'll hear that "four dead in O-hio" song all day long in my head.)
  • When I went up to Montague County the other day, the place was littered with huge campaign signs for District Attorney and District Judge. What's going on up there?
  • News broke over the weekend that NFL coach Gregg Williams used to put "bounties"/bonuses out for big hits causing injuries to other players. Yesterday, most sports talking heads said such a practice was "common knowledge" around the league. Really? I've never heard them talk about it.  I think they all just jumped on the common knowledge bandwagon because to do otherwise would make them seem out of the loop. 
  • This morning: "ACCIDENT (Irving/Dallas) Major accident involving motorcycle has WB 183 at Elm Fork Trinity River main lanes closed." Fatality?
  • You know what looks like fun? A small cruise through the harbors of New England. 
  • From the Update: Chico's second year athletic director has been offered a new job. True or not, the school board believes they will have to give him a raise about his $67,980 salary to keep him. He coaches football and only went 4-10 last year, but those four wins came after watching 26 loses in a row. Tough call.
  • People have begun signing up for the Liberally Lean NCAA Tourney (and the funny team names have returned once again.)  Hey, the tournament will start in about a week so sign up. 
  • Sudan won the Girls 1A Texas UIL Basketball Championship last weekend. It would be cool if they nicknamed themselves "The Lost Girls." 
  • The UIL boys basketball tournament is this weekend. That's something I've always said I wanted to go but have never remotely made the effort to do so.
  • I'll admit I'm not rationale or objective when it comes to this Rush Limbaugh controversy. I want that radio empire figuratively burned to the ground. 
  • We used to have trouble with the Neighbor Boys but somehow that war has ended. They even waved the other day. Hope and Change.