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"Pizza!!! I said PIZZA!!!!"

It took me a second to figure out why dad was yelling "pizza", but then it came to my world-class-athletic brain that he was telling the kid to point the tips of his skis together to get a snowplow effect.  Little Junior didn't listened to well, did he?

Everyone who has watched this video is concerned about the kid but not me. I'm worried about the dad. Either that kid is giving up skiing for life and will turn to life of solitude, books and the arts, or he's going to realize that experience he just had was kick arse, and he'll be back up that mountain within 15 minutes.

Hope little Jean-Claude Killy does the right thing. A father's joy depends on it.


Anonymous said...

Little Ceaser's?

Anonymous said...

You know you're really reaching as a parent when your words of encouragement are, "Dude, you survived!"

(I'm wondering why a kid that young is using ski poles. Isn't that unusual?)

Anonymous said...

As dangerous as skiing is, that parent should be punished for risking the kid's life that way. People die from skiing accidents.

Anonymous said...

At my first ski lesson on my first ski trip ever, in Alta, Utah, (with all those fast skiing and rude Mormons), my instructor said "Wedge, Wedge"......I was a total failure.....spent four hours getting down the slope by the seat of my ass, mind you, and spent the rest of the day in the warming hut. It was miserable - sort of like sitting in the locker room of any local school gym, no booze, no fun, no nothing. It was even difficult to sleep on the hard, narrow benches. Next time, when we went to Wolf Creek, in Colorado, my instructor said "Pizza, Pizza", and I got it! Then later, he threw tomatoes at me. I was sauced, because during the breaks I drank me some nice hot toddies. Pizza! Pizza! Fark you Utah, and Mitt Romney too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:48:

The kid had on a full-head helmet.

And people die of life.

“But learn that to die is a debt we must all pay.”

Anonymous said...

People die in car wrecks. You let your kid ride in a car? You should be punished!

DF Safety Patrol

Anonymous said...

"My name is jean-claude killy.....and my ski, is edski".

Anonymous said...

1. What the hell kind of accent is that?
2. I expected a big time crash...disappointment.
3. Can we not just say "snowplow"?
4. The dad was phenomenal. He skiied fast while screaming Italian foods and not once did the kid leave the frame. Bravo young man.

Anonymous said...

Both my kids did that. All my friends did that, my girlfriends did that... I did that!

I still do that and I'm 70 years old!!

The closer one comes to dying, the more alive he feels.

I'll tell you a secret. Death is NOT the worst thing that can happen to you. Cowardice is.

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad the little fella didn't have a back pack on with a ski helmet in it. That can break some ribs.

Double Fake Billy

Anonymous said...

You people are very free with someone else's life. If it don't kill you, it will make you stronger young man. Stop that crying you little bitch. Suck it up coward. That is how you raise your child?


Anonymous said...

Disturbing. Not afraid of death at all. Afraid of living as a vegetable. There is something wrong with people who must live on the edge just for the thrill of it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, 8:54.

Yes, and we think there's something wrong with the rest of you too, but being liberals, we recognize your right to your opinion.

You can sit in the warming hut with the girlies and your hot toddies, we'll be out on the mountain!

Remember, everyone dies, but not everyone lives.

(We're the folks who have the DNR wavers and the PTP authorizations for our next of kin?)

Anonymous said...


Liberals recognizing anyone's right to an opposing opinion???

Laugh my Ass off. You have got to be kidding, right? right? right?