Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The fire at Possum Kingdom reportedly has hit "The Cliffs" -- the fancy golf community.
  • The fire is a big story, but Fox 4 spent the first 12 minutes of its broadcast on it last night. 
  • The sonogram/abortion law in Texas has been mostly struck down. Although its proponents claimed it was about "informed choices", some of them -- like our own Sen. Craig Estes -- got a little honest once they got back home. He admitted in front of small gathering the purpose of the law was to get women to "change their minds" about the procedure. That's a big difference. 
  • One of my softball girls tried to catch a long fly ball with her face yesterday. I'm thankful that she's OK. I also thankful that it was her dad who hit the ball. 
  • Still no problem parents on the team. Fingers crossed.
  • Dick Cheney has a new book out and, to listen to him promote it yesterday on Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, I was stunned they just didn't come out and tell him, "Dick, I'm in love with you."
  • Karl Klement Ford has a fancy new electronic sign out on 287, but I could have sworn it read 184 degrees yesterday afternoon.
  • Breast cancer rates are rising in Texas if you live where the Barnett Shale is being drilled. And Wise County is near the top of the list
  • The Update says Bridgeport ISD cut its tax rate. I'm so confused about that School Budget Crisis everyone talked about. 
  • It has to be all over the media if even I know that Lil' Wayne has a new album coming out. (I refused to say the album "drops".)  It's said that it will sell almost a million copies in its first week which probably means it would sell almost two million if not for the illegal downloads.
  • The album cover has a kid with face tattoos which probably has some significance that I have no idea about.
  • The Family Sedan is in the shop, insurance issue basically resolved, and Mrs. LL has a rent car. Let me clarify, Mrs. LL has a rent truck. And that's by choice.
  • I noticed that the Star-Telegram lost a really good courthouse reporter who has now joined the Tarrant County DA's office as its Public Information Officer. What a smart move on the DA's office -- feed the press with someone who knows exactly what the press wants. That's a great way to get a positive spin on a story. 
  • Depressing bullet point of the morning: A UT student fell to his death this week, a motorcycle death in Houston maybe one of the more bizarre ones of the year, and an out of state suicide method [link fixed] will make you cringe.
  • Credit the BagOfNothing.com guy this morning with at least two interesting notes: (1) Troy Aikman questioned reporter Skip Bayless' sexual orientation on local radio yesterday, and (2) Fox News and Gawker are in a fight over Bill O'Reilly having a police officer investigated for allegedly having an affair with his wife.