Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I didn't do a complete search, but the Skyler Dog was strangely quiet this morning and I didn't see him in his normal place when looking out the back window. I wonder if we've had an escape?
  • One of the funnier moments of the over-the-top Irene coverage from the weekend.
  • Overheard on the radio: "Why is it called the eastern seaboard?"
  • A juror tried to "friend" a female defendant in Tarrant County in a civil lawsuit/car wreck case.  He got in trouble. The defendant's name was Courtney Downing and I'm guessing she's hot, but my Facebook is broke this morning.
  • Never thought I'd read an email from a Wise County school official rejecting "Butt Kicking Zombies" as an official slogan for a football team. But I did this weekend.
  • I might be wrong, but I think Chico's football win this weekend broke a 26 game losing streak dating back to September 18, 2008. That's before President Obama was elected. 
  • There was a wrong way driver on I-35 at 114 over the weekend that killed one and injured ten. I fear the wrong way driver. 
  • One of the girls has quit the softball team. I hope it's not because of me.
  • I just thought I was joking when I told Mrs. LL that the over/under line on us filing a divorce petition due to the stress of the softball season would be six weeks. Did I mention it's basically her and I running that team?  Edit: We've got a grammar war breaking out in the comments!!!!!
  • Of all the "water restrictions" placed on Wise County, this is the most bizarre one: "Hotels, restaurants and bars are asked to serve drinking water only when requested."
  • Did you see that a guy fell at the Ballpark in Arlington on Saturday over the railing of those high stairs in the concourse behind home plate? As of this morning, all I could learn was that he was unconscious after the fall, 24 years old, and wasn't identified in the media. 
  • I monitor a criminal defense lawyer message board and am constantly stunned by the number of times I see posts like, "I'm starting trial tomorrow and I need to know [insert most basic question ever]." It's like a surgeon asking, "Which one of those sharp knife thingys do I used for ACL surgery? Need a response. Surgery tomorrow at 7:00 a.m." 
  • Once student tickets are counted, the Aggies will have sold a record 73,250 season tickets for the season. Baylor goes there in November October and it might be the last time in a long, long time with the Ags expected to announce this week they are joining the SEC. They are just trying to negotiate a payout of $10 to $15 million. 
  • More proof LeeAnn Rimes needs a sammich.