Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I kept hearing that the "Wise County fire" was "50% contained yesterday". It was pretty much out, wasn't it?
  • There was a time I'd laugh that a forecast of highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s would be called a "cold front." I'm not laughing now.  Bring it.
  • Mrs. LL is loading up the girls and going to Arkansas this weekend. It'll be weird being in a quiet house even though it is pretty much how I've lived almost all of my adult life.
  • My girl's softball team had a "simulated game" last night in practice. Uh, this has the potential to be a disaster. The league is 12 and under, player pitch, with stealing. Sheesh. This game is pretty much going to turn into walk-n-steal? Right?
  • Then I heard a rumor that some coaches will have their player sprint to first on a walk and then take off to second if the catcher hasn't gotten the ball back to the pitcher. First, I can't believe that's legal. Second, coaches, have you no decency! Have you no honor!
  • That was a pretty nasty wreck in Wise County yesterday, but what is that rectangular shaped object in the foreground of the photo?
  • In today's USA Today: "Under normal conditions, the Decatur Livestock Market, about an hour outside Dallas, sells between 250 and 400 cattle a week, says Mickey Scarborough, operations manager. On Monday, the auction house sold 1,200."
  • Not unusual for me: I was supposed to be at a plea bargain hearing this morning, but my court appointed client can't make it because he's in jail somewhere else on other charges. 
  • Right now over at Fox News everyone is getting an email saying, "Be sure to mention every five minutes that the official jobs report this morning has unemployment still at 9.1% with no new jobs added last month."
  • Overheard on the radio: "Doesn't it make you uncomfortable when someone says 'God spared' their house in a wildfire? I mean, why did He put your neighbor's house which burned to the ground in His crosshairs?"
  • Dave Ramsey is holding a seminar in Dallas on October 1st but he's been running commercials for over two months saying it is "trending towards a sellout." Tickets are $42 to learn how to get you finances in order.
  • The Ticket's George Dunham was in Miami last night doing play by play for UNT's football game. He was also broadcasting live from the station's Dallas studio at 5:30 a.m. this morning
  • Anybody know what whole hole number that is in the pic of The Cliffs below?