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That Wasn't A Dream, Right? Baylor Did Win? --- Saturday Reflections

If I'm giddy it's only because I have experienced College Football Suffering Syndrome for a long, long time. This may be the only time this year I get to be giddy. So forgive me, for I do not know what I do.

So let's review last night's game:

The "Hey, Now" sideline reporter (who is dumb as a box of rocks but that never matters to ESPN):

The perfectly timed TCU fan "You've Got To Be Kidding Me" moment:
"We've gone from a win in Pasadena to a loss in Waco?"

And we'll go to the Baylor Mascot for a reaction:
"Whaaaaat? We haz win against da frog?"

And kudos to Baylor's quarterback who I have raved about for three years, but this graphic is so wrong in so many ways. But funny.

A crowd "Hey, Now":
I've been there, buddy:

And, finally, this video was from last year after TCU absolutely destroyed Baylor in Fort Worth. A heckler taunts the players with "Good job, Big 12" in, as even TCU fans have admitted, was a classless act. But watching the video again, check out the 1:50 mark when the guy taunts Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin and then a coach goes ballistic. This video should be the poster child for good sportsmanship. When I first saw it last year, I said it needed to be played in the Baylor locker room before last night's game. I 100% believe that it was.  (But I kind of want to see the guy's "ankle tat".)


Anonymous said...

Girl; Wow too much Photoshop!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl,happy for you and all the Bear fans

Anonymous said...

I gotta admit I was impressed with Thurston Howell III's performance. I thought he was all hype.

He's aged well but there was obviously no sunscreen on the island.

Ribbi Paltz

Anonymous said...

WOW Bu Bear that bottom pic is not a flattering pic of you!

Anonymous said...

Too little too late. Baylor headed to non-BCS conference.

Anonymous said...

Man oh man! Baylor has a golden moment. Congrats to the Bears on the win. Just not the same as the old SWC, then Big 12 teams I knew from decades past. Nicknames should be adjusted to reflect current realities. Such as:

1. Baptist-Lite Bears (we could be Unitarians)
2. Numerous Black Athletes Playing for a School That Doesn't Dance or do Church Music Horned Frogs
3. Rich Dallas Banking Methodists from University Park Mustangs
4. The Who Left the Door Open & Let the Wind Blow Away Our Best Coach Ever Red Raiders
5. The Third Degree Felons & Rump Rangers of UT (come Blow our Horns)
6. The Oklahoma City Cow Rapists (Sooner rather than later)
7. The Boone Pickens Appreciation Club & 2nd Class Cowboy Football Club - Stillwater Branch
8. Some School in Kansas - Who Cares
9. Some Other School in Kansas - Meh
10. The Rick Perry States Rights Aggies - Camped Somewhere on the Brazos
11. The Middle State that Raises Corn - But Not Nebraska - Cyclones (a watered down tornado)
12. The Mizzou We-Are-Out-Of-Here Tigers if Someone Would Invite Us (watch for our moving sale)
13. The Rice "Screw You - We Are TOO Smart to Care" Owls.
14. The Houston "We Left Out Best Stuff on the Field in the 70s" Cougars

Your thoughts?

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Way to go Baylor...

Anonymous said...

Well at least we know what Jar was doing after the Baylor/TCU Game last year.

Anonymous said...

Bummer but still a proud Horned Frog fan. Great game to watch

Anonymous said...

Who is TCU ???

Anonymous said...

Daryl, i don't care who you are, now that's funny. (esp. t.u.)

Anonymous said...

Now we don't have to listen to how TCU belongs in the NC game this year!!! Mark my words TCU will lose at Air Force next week!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Bummer! But good play by BU. As far as the video, too bad there is no way to ban the TCU fan from all sporting events for life..... He sucks! It's gonna be a long season with no secondary...

Still a Horned Frog!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but I would still hit dat.... I don't care how dumb the rocks are!!!

CT said...