Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • So the Skyler Dog did in fact go all Shawshank Redemption on us and made a break for it. I felt bad because I had shut the back gate but forgot to lock it so he was able to push his way out. I also felt a little guilty for having a tinge of relief that he was gone. 
  • But my guilt didn't last for long because of Irony of Ironies:  A neighbor found the dog, saw the flyer that we had put up listing the dog as "Found", thought he looked familiar, and called us to return him.
  • So Skyler is back to his happy self. **Facepalm**
  • The Softball Experiment of 2011 continued on last night as we worked hard on batting. Did you know your arm will fall off throwing softballs non-stop for about 45 minutes? I had to call in a reliever.
  • You know, I get most excited about those girls on the team who aren't very good but have so much potential. Cheering for Baylor for all these years has made me a fan of the underdog.
  • Irene TV coverage note: Whenever a politician got in front of the camera to tell people to "evacuate immediately" (so they can't be blamed if the storm actually was bad), I found it amazing the number of underlings that stood in the background just so they could be on camera. Hey folks, isn't there some job you could be doing right now?
  • There was the most feeble old lady in court yesterday in Decatur making her first appearance on a Hindering Apprehension of a Felon charge. She looked so sympathetically weak that one lawyer near me was overheard as saying, "I don't know anything about that case but I think I could win it even if we picked a jury in thirty minutes." 
  • The Commissioners Court abruptly shot down Constable Tom Bishop's request for a Tahoe instead of a pickup yesterday. Now they are waiting to see when he he will turn in his patrol car for a pick-up he does not want.  Now this could get juicy. 
  • Football note: The Dallas Cowboys offensive line is undergoing a shake up which is unheard of. They'll start, at least,  three rookies (two true ones and one guy who might as well be.)  Prediction: A very rough start but a strong finish. And then the next two years they'll be very, very good. 
  • Football note #2: Michael Vick just signed a contract with the Eagles with $40 million guaranteed. They are out of their minds. Don't rule out last year being a fluke.
  • Motorcycle death in Fort Worth yesterday.
  • Radio talk: Anyone remember your parents warning you of "getting worms" if you ate bad meat or, in some cases, went outside barefoot?
  • Any 9/11 worker who claims to have health problems but is being denied benefits pretty much as a force field surrounding him.  Does anyone dare suggest that maybe, just maybe, any health problems aren't related to 9/11?
  • And a guy on a Harley split me and another car as the light turned green this morning. Hey, Harley guy: I expect you to annoy me with the sound of your engine, but I don't expect you to ride like an idiot. 
  • Odd obituary at the end of the Update today: It's the Paradise murder victim who is listed as being from Bridgeport but with services in Missouri but with a local funeral home handling the services.