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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There's a civil trial going on at the courthouse which involves a car wreck in front of the Devon offices on 380 near Bridgeport. The only thing noteworthy is that one of the attorneys works in the law office of former Dallas city councilman Domingo Garcia and another is the brother of Texas Supreme Court chief justice Wallace Jefferson. 
  • Notable Denton County book-in photo.
  • The Messenger reports (in today's newspaper with tomorrow's date on it) that the body of the deceased in the Bridgeport-Alleged-Murder-With-A-Car case landed 100 feet off of the road. Oh, my. (And there's some pretty good Joe Duty photos.)
  • Boy, that case is proof positive that Facebook, Myspace, and other social networking sites can be important to both the prosecution and the defense. (But it also seems ripe for a murder mystery along the lines of Basic Instinct: "Do you think I'd be stupid enough to wish someone dead on Facebook and then go kill them?" <-- Purely hypothetical. The Bridgeport girl didn't post anything like that.)
  • Channel 8 news has been running a clip of a school fight (more of an assault) in a Seagoville ISD classroom as the teacher stands back and watches. To my surprise, the callers to conservative talk shows have given lots of support to the teacher -- mostly along the lines of "They don't get paid enough to break up fights." 
  • You know you're old and have been living here a long time when you hear someone refer to "Channel 11" and for a second you've completely forgotten that CBS now occupies the channel.
  • In turning on my alarm last night, I stopped and thought, "I've been doing this routine for a long, long time." 
  • And this morning, when four people pulled out of their driveway in my neighborhood to go to work at the exact same time, I thought of the novel Babbitt that I read in college.
  • But I guess it's better living a life that includes camping outside in front of a new In and Out Burger in Frisco last night. Really people?
  • I have no idea what's the real deal about the Bridgeport High School Controversy of 2011, but it sounds like complete chaos. Last night, the school board reversed its decision made two weeks ago regarding the number who can be on the squad. 
  • It's easy to forget about Westover Hills, a town within the city of Fort Worth: Under 700 residents, 96.7% white, with an average mortgage payment of $4,001 (for those who have mortgages.)
  • Governor Perry, who tweets infrequently, sent one out two days ago wishing Israel a happy birthday. Think that one is political at all?
  • What does this mean?: "The kickoff time for Texas' game at UCLA on Sept. 17 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena , Calif., has been set for 2:30 p.m. Central and will be televised by ABC with a reverse mirror on ESPN." Reverse mirror?
  • Watching a group of middle age white folks on Fox News criticize Michelle Obama for inviting hip hop artist Common to the White House makes me cringe.