The Campaign For DA


Drafted By The Dallas Mavericks . . .

. . . and immediatley traded to the Milwaukee Bucks for Dirk Nowitzki in 1998.

(Not to minimize the man's death, but I'm still confused by that trade. The Mavs took Traylor with the #6 pick and the Bucks took Dirk with the #9. Then they swapped players.  I guess the Bucks called the Mavs and said "Take Traylor for us before teams at #7 and #8 can and we'll get Dirk for you." But that only works if Dallas is sure Dirk won't be taken at 7 or 8 otherwise you'd want to scoop him up at 6. Plus,I would think Dallas would want, you know, something for the effort. Probably should use the Google.)