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Random Friday Morning (Barely) Thoughts

  • I have no idea why this site was down for almost a day. Google acknowledged they were “working on the problem”, but didn’t really say what it was. I want a refund on this free service! (Yeah, yeah: Try wordpress. Try wordpress.)
  • And Google posted this message: “To get Blogger back to normal, all posts since 7:37am PDT on Weds, 5/11 have been temporarily removed. We expect everything to be back to normal soon. Sorry for the delay.”
  • There probably won’t be another guy-rams-police-car story for the rest of the year. What you say? There was ANOTHER one last night in Dallas? (No link yet. Saw it on Fox 4 this morning.)
  • Man, Mrs. LL has gone “start from scratch” on the flowerbeds. I think I uttered, “I hope you know what you’re doing” yesterday.  And the look on my face must have concerned her because she asked if I had some “sentimental” issues with the bushes that were gone.
  • Saw my first interview with Tony Romo’s fiancee yesterday. She’s hot but, man, I bet she’s annoying. Anyway, here’s a pic of her ring.
  • More craziness from the Fox affiliate in L.A.where Megan Henderson went: Pole dancing in studio with a crash.
  • For a guy who thought Fox News’ treatment of the President for having Common at the White House was silly, Jon Stewart’s segment on the issue was a piece of gold. (Referenced President Bush inviting Johnny Cash to the White House even though he had lyrics of shooting a woman while high on cocaine, and Sean Hannity embracing Ted Nugent even after he told President Obama to “suck on my machine gun.”)
  • Enjoy the 70s this weekend (the temps, not the decade), you won’t see them again until October.
  • I previously wrote about some Western Hills baseball players sacrificing a chicken on the field. Last night, the team visited Crowley and were met with the “Chicken Dance” song being played over the speakers.
  • Man denies he took purse on Judge Judy. He also might be the dumbest man in the world.
  • The Granbury double murder trial saw the jury go home for a second night without reaching a verdict. Hung jury? Edit: Looks like there might be one holdout.
  • Small south Texas town’s police chief found shot to death in his cruiser.
  • The Star-Telegram is laying off people left and right but is also the second fastest growing newspaper in the U.S.? They need to put a reporter on that story.
  • Ron Springs, former Cowboy great, died yesterday after four years in a coma. Note to all of you: If I’m in a coma for over six months, grab my pillow and make sure it’s not six months and one day.
  • And I was going to mention a great play Springs made in a fantastic Cowboy game in 1979. Then it dawned on me that it would be the equivalent of someone in 1979 telling me about a game in 1947. Wow. Just wow.
  • Completely random Cowboy highlight taking you into the weekend: Million pound lineman Larry Allen running down a Saints linebacker who had picked off Aikman. Still amazing.
  • San Diego Charger cheerleader tryouts almost caused my “Hey, Now” radar to explode.