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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Bad Deputy: "WEATHERFORD -- A former Parker County sheriff's deputy accused of stealing from a memorial fund set up for the family of a fellow deputy has been indicted on felony theft charges." Good grief, man.
  • Sometimes I think the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office is nuts: They've ruled as a homicide a guy who had a seizure and fell off of a stool in his home. Homicide? Well, he did receive a gunshot wound 26 years ago so the two are obviously related, says the ME.
  • Someone noted a two year old sign on a vending machine at the Decatur ISD multi-purpose building. They made the reference that it showed "passive aggressiveness." 
  • Ticket Fans: Did you catch 1920s Reporter Guy asking Laker's coach Phil Jackson a final question at his press conference yesterday?
  • Driving through Grapevine on 114 causes me white knuckles. I hate it when there the shoulder is taken away by a concrete barriers.
  • I started off Mother's Day in pretty good standing but got a "You do realize it's Mother's Day all day long?" when I issued a Piddling Alert later on in the morning.
  • Really don't know about the cheerleading issue over at Bridgeport High but it's gone public based upon a Special Agenda that's been posted. (pdf)  Edit: Keep away from personal attacks, please. We all know Texas cheerleading is a hot button. 
  • WBAP's Steve Lamb on the Rangers game yesterday, "You don't see a Grand Slam very often." Yeah, if you consider at least 120 or more a year in MLB "not very often."
  • The best documentary ever on the background of 9/11 is National Geographic's "Inside 9/11".  I watched a part of again this weekend and my ears perked when I heard the main culprit in the first Trade Center attack, Ramzi Yousef, was captured in Islamabad, Pakistan in a house owned by Bin Laden in 1995. No wonder we were looking for Bin Laden in that area.
  • If Bin Laden hadn't been found in the raid last week, I guess we would have never heard about it. And if Pakistan did make news of the raid public, I suppose we would deny it. Which begs the question: I wonder how many raids we had conducted where Bin Laden was not found?  
  • Heard on the radio: Was there really much of a difference between Bin Laden's home and a prison? 
  • Awkward moment on Fox 4 News this morning when they flashed a picture up of two of the crew members at Mayfast with a random person between them. Anchor Lauren Przybyl quipped, "That poor man in the middle!" It was awkward because that was not a guy.
  • More proof we're doomed: Philadelphia police release video in an effort to find those involved in parking lot assault. Man, there's one guy who is a complete goon. 
  • Found myself cutting out those hair tie thingys out of the Second Grader In The House's hair after she went swimming. Her ponytails were in "knots", she said, and it seemed like necessary emergency action.