Related To The "No Body" Denton Murder Case?


My rant of the year had to be about the murder prosecution of Charles Stobaugh over in Denton when there was no evidence of a death, much less a murder, much less a murder by Stobaugh. He was convicted and given 25 years in prison. The case is on appeal.  I continue to believe that the case will be reversed for insufficient evidence (something that never happens) and an acquittal entered. It's still the silliest prosecution I've ever heard about and a horrible exercise of judgment by the DA's office.

And you know what? If these remains turn out to be the "victim" of Stobaugh (highly, highly unlikely) with Stobaugh's monogrammed knife, confession, and a gift wrapped vial of his DNA left at the scene, it doesn't matter anymore. The prosecution had one shot. And any evidence found in the future indicating guilt is absolutely irrelevant.

But I bet the news today is totally unrelated.