Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I've seen on TV a lot of folks who have had lower leg amputations being able to run with those high tech J-shaped foot replacements. But I have never seen one in real life despite the the ten half marathons I have run in. 
  • I watched the first half of the Fox Republican Debate last night, and I actually felt the frustration experienced by the conservatives. That group will drive you insane.  (And I've never seen so many candidates simply ignore a question completely and begin with "What we really should be talking about is . . . . ")
  • And for those that watched it, wasn't that the longest and most confusing question ever thrown at Rick Perry -- the one concerning something that happened when he was Agricultural Commissioner? 
  • I heard that the infant abuse investigation in Boyd is going no where and that it would be surprising if charges were filed. 
  • This morning I looked down at the Family Cat's water bowl and saw a Christmas ball floating in it. That feline has upped her game. It's gone to Taunting Level. 
  • The Feds are after Sheriff Joe in Arizona for discrimination. I'm torn on this one. I'm certainly inclined to believe the charges are true, but I also thinks the Feds are picking on him for being a conservative outspoken redneck.
  • That was a pretty genius comment that first appeared under the Boyd  car vs. train wreck blog post yesterday -- something like, "I didn't even know my momma got out of prison."  (At least it is if you get it.) 
  • There's a chance this "I want to be Tony Montana" drug case against Sam Hurd implicates a bunch of NFL players as well. This could be really, really big. 
  • I got a letter from DPS telling me my license is up for renewal but that I've got to renew it in person and bring my social security card.  And to think I almost got away with being an illegal alien after all of these years. 
  • I would think a miscarriage would be so emotionally devastating that it could cause serious long term issues if not dealt with properly. But society doesn't even seem to give it the same level of sympathy as even a divorce.  
  • An acquaintance of mine posted a "I hate the holidays" post on Facebook. I replied underneath it with some of my world renowned comedy gold. Then I got an email from a close friend of his saying, "Call me and I'll tell you what is going on between he and his wife. You'll freak."  Uh. Oh. 
  • I think this is the aspiring Paradise, Texas model.
  • Sports Idiot?: I love ESPN's 30 for 30 documentaries and had been seeing quick promos for the new one about Todd Marinovich. It wasn't until this morning that I learned that I had mistakenly thought the documentary was about Tony Mandarich.
  • Current Events Idiot?: Seeing lots of remarks about the death of Christopher Hitchens this morning. I'm thinking, "Who?"
  • The Update has been referring to former Cowboy Walt Garrison making an appearance around here and kept mentioning he was named one of "The Top 50 Dallas Cowboys Of All Time" in 2009.  I figured that was probably true, but I wondered what list they were talking about. The only one I could find was one from the Dallas Morning News. Garrison came in at #47.
  • The Update also has a funeral listing for a 23 year old out of Mineral Wells. Turns out she was a shooting victim. What's the Wise County connection?