Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Stolen from Newsweek: "Every time I look at the economy I think President Obama can't win. And ever time I look at the Republican field I think he can't lose."
  • The Kids In The House accused me of having "frown smile."  That's when I try to express displeasure at their shenanigans but I can't suppress that I think a particular event was funny. "Your mouth goes frown-smile-frown-smile-frown-smile!"
  • Former SMU runningback and ESPN commentator Craig James is running for the U.S. Senate.  By doing so, he just proved he is living in a fantasy world because he's about to learn what the public thinks of his Helicopter Parenting techniques. (Back on March 7th he floated the idea of running on WBAP, and I wrote then about how he just got roasted by callers.)  Edit: The blow back has already begun.
  • A Bridgeport player, Trent Shuett, made the Associated Press 3A All-State High School Football Team. (That name reminds me of "Dwight Shrute.")
  • Maybe my favorite character in any movie is Gary Oldman brief appearance playing Drexl Spivey in True Romance (1993).  The movie, which has never received its due, was a precursor to Pulp Fiction.
  • I hate the word "gotten" when it is spoken. To see it in print makes me insane.
  • I attended a Christmas middle school band concert last night. And I'm still here. 
  • College football at the Division III level has a playoff. Sound good? This weekend the same two teams will play for the championship for the seventh year in a row.
  • Time announced its Person Of The Year this morning. Who is it? "The Protester".  How generic can you get?
  • When Hal Jay on WBAP learned of the Time announcement at 8:04 a.m. he said, "They are a bunch of nuts and low life scumbags that don't want to work."  I'm sure those protesters of the Arab Spring appreciate his characterization. (Have I asked "how does that man have a job?" enough?)
  • If you haven't heard about Jerry Sandusky's lawyer's "1-800-REALITY" gaffe yesterday, you've got to read about it. 
  • The Update will tell you today, I think for the seventh day in a row, that some changeover on highway 380 east of Decatur is again delayed. Hey, it's a road change. Not the opening of a bullet train to Denton.