Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Great lightning show this morning. (Hey, I spelled it correctly!)
  • More about it later, but the guy on trial in Wise County for a sex crime received probation yesterday. Absolutely the right and measured verdict in a case with unique facts.  Common sense lives.
  • I wonder how business is in the new CVS in Decatur?
  • I like high school football, but the "controversy" over the Southlake onside kick against Dallas Skyline gives me Tired Head. It's over. Let's move on. But I did laugh about Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway calling for an investigation because of the "children". (Ticket callback joke.)
  • We are officially out of Iraq: Final U.S. Soldier death count is 4,487.  I'm proud to say I was against it from the start. (But on September 10, 2002 I wrote that I didn't think we would invade the country because the public support wasn't there.)
  • What would happen to a Poolville man who was on parole after a 25 year sentence for his fifth DWI conviction and then got arrested for DWI again in Parker County and had an alcohol concentration of .32? Mr. Foreperson of the jury, have you reached a verdict?
  • Bud Kennedy loves Boyd's Gogo Gumbo.
  • Wasn't "High School Musical" a big Christmas player just a couple of years ago? What happened? Everyone graduate?
  • What happened to the Boyd child death investigation from two days ago? I haven't heard a word. 
  • That wreck in Arlington (post below) was insane yesterday. And it really can't be classified as a wreck. More like a maniac on the loose.
  • One guy was killed in that incident while trying to be a Good Samaritan. The risk these days of coming in contact with a nutcase seems to be getting greater and greater, and I wouldn't blame anyone for keeping their distance and calling for help on a cell phone. 
  • Sports intensive: Tim Tebow is on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and if you haven't followed his story in the NFL this year you are missing some bizarre entertainment. I first pointed him out to Mrs. LL when he was in college. I knew she was locked into his story when, during the UT/Alabama Championship game, Colt McCoy went down with an injury. She laughed out loud when she read an immediate post-injury tweet of, "Maybe McCoy's shoulder can be cured with Tim Tebow's tears." 
  • Starting today, nine (!!!) Texas State Championship High School games will be played in Cowboys Stadium and all of them will be televised
  • Of all the kinds of death I fear, an Elevator Death had not been on the list . . .