Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Yesterday, the extremely conservative morning talk show host on KLIF was (surprisingly) criticising Rick Perry's anti-gay ad from last week when he opened up the phone lines for callers. The first one started out with, "Perry may say stuff like that but we all know he was down there in South Beach watching The Gays dance and paying for it with public funds." Jeff Bolton, the host, spinelessly did not slap the caller down.
  • That looks like a bad head on wreck (pic in Update), but I can't take my eyes off the Batman logo.
  • This is the first week of Fantasy Football playoffs, and I may fire my entire coaching staff after going 9-3 and then getting beat last night. But, then again, it's "a process" that we have to "learn from and get better."
  • Woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep. It was just me and the sound of The Family Cat playing a game of soccer with Christmas Balls.
  • The press was all packed and gathered in a courtroom this morning to hear most of the alleged Sandusky victims (the Penn State Scandal) testify in a preliminary hearing.  Then he waived the hearing. That is telling: He missed a tremendous opportunity to learn of the evidence against him but he gave up that chance to avoid embarrassment. Does he understand the stakes?
  • There should be a sexual assault of a child case firing up in the Wise County District Court this morning. I'll check it out. 
  • Funny: Tim Tebow Auto Tune Anthem (featuring Skip Bayless.)
  • Am I reading this correctly? Bridgeport Middle School and Chico High School students have the option to transfer due to poor performance of the schools as a whole? Someone help me out. 
  • Lowe's should be ashamed of itself and boycotted for pulling its ads off "All American Muslim" on TLC simply because a bunch of close-minded folks complained.  I'll never cease to be amazed how so many people fear anything different than themselves.
  • I will not mention that Mrs. LL served shrimp last night that were still frozen. 
  • I thought I heard on the radio that police in Ponder (do they have police?) were stopping motorist to give out gift cards. This sounds vaguely familiar. And this will happen: Police will discover evidence of a crime after one of those stops and won't be able to use it because the detention was illegal.  Edit: It was Proper, not Ponder. 
  • Message to The Family Cat. If every time you climb on the Christmas Tree you get blasted in the face with a water bottle, that means to stay out of the tree. To quote Antoine Dodson, "You are so dumb."
  • Maverick fans: Lamar Odom was a Laker last year and took a swing at Dirk and was thrown out of a playoff game. Now he's a Maverick. Throw in that two key Mavericks will play for other teams (Chandler and Barea), you truly are just cheering for the uniform. Makes no sense to me how you can do that.