Death and Death

Many years ago, I joined the Tarrant County's DA Office. Being new, I received such fine perks as sharing an office with two other prosecutors. There were two desks. They got them. I got a chair. Yep, a chair. Good times.

But the two prosecutors who I was court partners with were Mitch Poe and Robert "Bob" Ford. Mitch, who was younger than me, was a 100% prosecutor and was expected to be a career man in the office. It turned out that way. He died suddenly about five years ago.

Bob was a civil libertarian who didn't stick around the DA's office very long. He became a defense lawyer and was known to give the most non politically correct quotes to the press. He was also brilliant. But he, like Mitch, died suddenly last week.

It's just a weird feeling. Three guys stuck in a little office. And now only I remain.