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Craig James For Congress?

A while back, former SMU and NFL player Craig James floated the thought of running for the U.S. Senate.   James also made huge headlines not too long ago when he was involved in the "you put my son in a shed!" controversy at Texas Tech which eventual led to the dismissal of Head Coach Mike Leach.

James was on WBAP this morning for almost 30 minutes campaigning for the office (although he has not formally announced.) But, man, he got lit up. All the show's callers wanted to talk about the Tech situation and most were Tech fans - some who basically called him a liar. (And, sheesh, three callers claimed to have read the depositions in the Tech/Leach lawsuit.)

Not exactly the background you want if you're running for office.

(And he sounds like Mike Huckabee, to boot.)

Edit: On an unrelated note, Tech fired its head basketball coach this morning.