Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I learned last night that Mrs. LL is extremely freaked out by the Scary Clown prop in a lawn decorated for Halloween. Very freaked out. 
  • A Zombie Walk in Deep Ellum over the weekend. Weird or fun? (Photos.)
  • Anybody else get really scared by the "Bloody Mary" scene in the trailer for Paranormal Activity 3? That's pretty intense for regular TV.
  • A guy in a Hummer was shot in the head as he drove down a Dallas freeway last night. I think he survived.
  • The Softball Team is down to one game. I had a left fielder act like Nelson Cruz on Saturday by throwing out a runner at second on a force.  (She had already had two stellar innings at pitcher.) And the fact that she's humble makes her my favorite player. 
  • I don't think I've ever seen one NFL coach go after another like Jim Schwartz (Lions) went after Jim Harbaugh (49ers) yesterday. Video. Good times.
  • Couldn't decide on Random Girls today. 
  • Hot football sports opinion: No team can intentionally "run out the clock" with more than three minutes left by doing anything other than running their offense like they normally do. If getting a couple of first downs by running the ball were easy, teams would do it from the first quarter.
  • There's no way Herman Cain wins the GOP nomination. 
  • I heard that the voice of Whataburger ("Attaboy, tiger") will no longer be the voice of Whataburger. He was on The Ticket once and casually mentioned that, being in California, he had never eaten a Whataburger. Edit: I'm 100% sure of this. (He was on BAD Radio's Guest Booking League.)
  • Cold front coming in tonight. Bring it.
  • Cop punches Occupy Wall Street chick in the face. (:31 second mark.) Ouch.
  • I go back and forth on the Occupy movement. Just when I get sympathetic, I realize how we could all have 50% less than what we have and still be more fortunate than most of the world.
  • Fox 4's pre and post game coverage of the Rangers is a train wreck every night. I wouldn't miss it for the world. 
  • The Update is late this morning. (And still isn't up as I post this.) I was deprived of material. 
  • You would think a movie starring Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson would be a box office sure thing. Nope. "The Big Year" opened in ninth place.