Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • That Republican debate was highly entertained, but that Party has got to be concerned with who they are rolling out there. 
  • I'm still not sure why Newt Gingrich doesn't get more traction. Other than Ron Paul (good message, bad package), he seems like the only honest one in the bunch. 
  • Rick Perry jumped on Romney for hiring an illegal alien (via a contractor) to do his (Romney's) yard work. Funny line on the radio this morning: "Around here, I don't think you're a real Texan unless you have hired an illegal alien."
  • The Denton Record Chronicle had a long article questioning the way grand jury members get selected.  It is a very weird process. Basically, a judge hand picks four (five?) "commissioners" to meet one time to select potential grand jury members. Most judges will tell them to give him/her a good cross section of the county, but that doesn't always work out. 
  • Update from yesterday's Random Thoughts: It looks like the murder victim's family did file suit against the Denton convenience store and won a multi-million dollar judgment. How is that possible? How has the local news media not picked up on that? 
  • I was looking for a front page for the bottom of Random Thoughts and almost went with the Texarkana paper which had a headline about federal drug indictments of 66 people called "Operation Stateline Sweep" -- proving once again that drug roundups always have to have a catchy name.  One of these days they'll name one of them "Operation Futile Effort." 
  • Whatever happened to Hank Hal Ketchum, Radney Foster, and Ty Herndon? (Edit: To the first comment, I'm vaguely familiar with Google. But, see, this bullet point question is what is called "rhetorical." I don't want a a literal answer. I was trying to quickly remind you that many1990s country stars have disappeared. But that "quickly" aspect has now been severely defeated. ) 
  • Hot Sports Prediction: St. Louis Cardinals in six. Rangers starting pitching will be the problem. 
  • That Chisholm Trail Steak Challenge at the Reunion Grounds in Decatur this weekend got a huge free plug on WBAP this morning from Hal Jay. I think he mentioned that his daughter in law was involved with it. (It's a fundraiser, and they must have high expectations because first place gets $2,500. Second gets $1,000.)
  • The Decatur Eagles are still not in the AP Top Ten
  • If C.J. Wilson gets the loss tonight in the Rangers' World Series game, he will be the first pitcher in MLB history to have an official loss in the World Series, The League Championship Series, The Division Series, and the All Star Game in one year. 
  • Herman Cain paid a visit to Crazy Sheriff Joe in Arizona. Why they pander to that guy is beyond me. 
  • There's a book on Amazon called Eighter From Decatur: Growing Up In North Texas
  • Hey you property lawyers: Check out the first item in the Update and tell me if you see any issues to help out Chico. If it were a law school test, I'd write down something about the Rule Against Perpetuities and then proceed to prove that I know nothing about property law. 
  • There's a 22 year old death of a Paradise girl listed in the Update. If it was the one I heard about, it's a tragic and scary situation. A health issue that came out of nowhere.