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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Am I reading this story in an obscure trade publication correctly? Targa Resources Partners is building a brand new $150 million cryogenic natural gas processing plant in Wise County to begin operation in 2013. Doesn't that mean jobs? Isn't that big news? 
  • If that was a "National League" type game last night the Rangers were involved in then give me the National League. I'll take 2-1 instead of 9-8 any day of the week.
  • The Rangers 9th inning was a string of "oh mys". Kinsler barely getting his hand on the bag when stealing second. Kinsler being held up at third on the ensuing single. Andrus making it to second to eliminate the force on that same single. Then back to back sacrifice flys. It was a clinic.
  • Think I had Tired Head when the Three Females In My House told me after the game they were pretty sure three world series games had been played.
  • StubHub page for the next three World Series games in Arlington: $410 is the cheapest seat for Saturday although lots of "standing room only" in the $300s.
  • From the Update: "The Decatur Economic Development Corp. ["EDC"] agreed Thursday to pick up the tab to ship the EDC’s trade show booth to [the MGM Grande] in Las Vegas in December." That's taxpayer money. 
  • You would think the U.S. would at least make some objection to the outright murder of Khadafy on the streets of Libya. (Sidenote: How many different ways did you see his name spelled yesterday?)
  • And Saddam Hussein was executed in much the same way. Sure, they gave him a trial but it was nothing but a sham. Recall his accusers got to hide behind a curtain and weren't identified.
  • So now we've got an unstable Libya, an unstable Egypt, a soon-to-be-very-unstable Iraq, and Syria may not be far behind. There might come a time when we wished for the good ol' days of the Ruthless Dictator.
  • I came home to find a fake graveyard in my front law yesterday.
  • I haven't been through Grapevine in a while because of the highway construction, but it sounds like a beating. Kind of a related note: First Financial Bank, which has three branches in Wise County, also had a branch in Southlake right by 114. As part of the expansion of the highway, the State took the property for $1.3 million from the bank (after tax.)
  • "Don't be surprised now when I say it's more fun for us to play on the ROAD than it is at home. At least the opposing team's fans show up, and the game experience resembles what I dreamed about rather than the pee-wee football experience we have here where it seems only the players' parents are in the stands." -Texas college football player in an op-ed printed in the school newspaper. Wanna guess before you click?
  • NBA labor talks have broken down. The start of the season continues to be delayed. Clap.Clap. Clap-Clap-Clap.
  • October may be my favorite month.
  • Weird headline of the day: "Lewisville Basketball Coach Facing Child Trafficking Charge."